Pressure washer: what it is, how it works and how to choose

Pressure washer: what it is, how it works and how to choose

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As soon as it arrived on the market, thepressure washer it was quite successful due to the fact that it promised to completely remove even the most stubborn dirt with only the use of water vapor. It is not so many years that it is present in our homes but in a short time its forms and its performance they have evolved a lot. Initially it took up a lot of space and was not very comfortable to use, so it ended up being considered an appliance for special occasions, for large cleaning. Today, however, we can find models that are not not bulky at all and that invite us to use the pressure washer more and more often. Modern pressure washers are not only very compact but also light and easy to handle but it is very important to choose the model that suits us, which is a good compromise between minimalism of shapes and quality of the result hygienically speaking.

Pressure washer: what it is

This cleaning appliance requires the use of water to clean and sanitize all floors in the house, it can be domestic or even professional, it depends on the use you want to make of it, the genius of the principle remains, that of use steam to clean with surprising results and little environmental impact. Another interesting feature of pressure washers is the fact that it can be used on a variety of different surfaces.

This avoids the waste of time to change the appliance going from windows to floors, from shutters to bathroom and kitchen tiles. An appliance of this kind saves time but also money, not to mention the damage to the environment that it can make us avoid doing. Thanks to the "power" of steam and a microfibre cloth, results can be obtained that will not make us regret even the most aggressive detergents.

Pressure washer: how it works

Before discovering the various models and purchasing options, let's find out how this works cleaning machine, this accessory I would say essential for sanitizing the house. Once we put water into it, the mechanism only increases the pressure so that it comes out in the form of steam at a pressure of 50, 150, 200 bars. We take into account that the water usually comes out of the tap at 2 bar so the levels of the pressure washer are such as to guarantee cleaning floors and tiles.

When we choose our model, it is important to take a look at the flow rate, the amount of water contained inside the tank, there are also high pressure washers that allow us to directly attach the high pressure cleaner hose for hot water to the home faucet. In this case, the convenience is extreme because by connecting the appliance to the socket and to a tap, you have everything you need to clean without a great effort.

In some models there may be the option to choose the pressure, while in others there is the continuous jet. This function is very convenient for those who find themselves having to clean every time surfaces of different materials, with parquet, tiles, stone and so on. As you can imagine, every surface must be treated at the right pressure, in order to obtain a good result in terms of hygiene but first of all to avoid damaging the surface.

When it is possible adjust the pressure it is not necessary to worry about all this and not even to be able to reach hidden corners because the jet of steam reaches everywhere and without making us too tired.

Pressure washer: how to choose

When we chose to buy this tool as well useful and complete, and multifunctional, it is good to identify the model that suits our needs. It is not easy because there are many models on the market and the parameters to check are not always trivial.

As for brands, it is better to rely on companies specialized in construction of these machines checking that they also offer an after-sales service. It can also be useful to ask for advice from a friend who already has one and who can explain the pros and cons of the model he has chosen.

The flow rate, as we have already mentioned, is certainly the parameter that must be controlled with greater care, even more than the pressure because it is important that the tank you do not run dry in a short time. If not, strong pressure won't do much by itself. For a medium-sized house it is good not to go below 300 l / h flow rate, a pressure level that can fit is around 140 bar.

Taking a look at the prices we must also try to understand what kind of use we will make of ours pressure washer. If professional, the figures go up a lot because we need a tool that resists and is able to clean large surfaces. If we need to clean "only" our home, we can opt for a domestic model that can have more affordable costs.

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