Pellet stove maintenance

Pellet stove maintenance

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Pellet stove maintenance: instructions to perform thecleaningcomplete withbiomass stove with targeted maintenance interventions.

Therepellet stove maintenanceit should never be underestimated: in spring, when the biomass stove is destined for seasonal rest, it would be good practice to clean the glass, flue, burner, combustion chamber, ash collector ...

Pellet stove booklet: what is it for?

Between spring and summer, if you don't want to personally take care of cleaning a pellet stove, you can count on many professionals. Who works withstoves and boilers, in fact, it considers spring and summer as dead periods, which is why it is able to offer services at more competitive prices. During this period, the maintenance technician on duty will be more inclined and flexible in agreeing a reasonable price tailored to the customer.

A qualified operator can give that "extra touch" to yoursbiomass stove, because it will do a more careful cleaning by taking care of those components that you may overlook. What does the maintainer do?

  • Cleaning the generator
  • System calibration
  • Check the functionality of each part of the pellet stove

A noteworthy technician will ask you to view the documentation associated with yourswood or pellet stoveie the Declaration of Conformity and the system booklet, both documents issued by the installer. The system booklet should not be neglected as it keeps track of any maintenance (ordinary or extraordinary) you do on yourpellet stove, a bit like what happens with car coupons!

Flue according to law

Everybiomass stove, to be in accordance with the law, it must have aflue. There are no ventless stoves. In order for thepellet stoveworks properly, it is necessary that the system discharges the fumes 1.3 meters above the ridge of the roof thanks toflue.

Also thereflue, as well as thestove, will have to be regulatedmaintenanceand to onecleaningperiodic. Therefluehas its own and exclusive "Declaration of Conformity". When the installer deals with a heating system, he issues two "Declarations of Conformity": the first relating to the stove (actual heat generator) and the other relating to the flue.

The flue must be cleaned with a "chimney sweep kit" given by a semi-rigid pipe capable of covering the entire course of the fumes so as to eliminatesootfrom the internal walls of the flue.

Theremaintenanceof the pellet stove must be made to ensure greater energy savings and a lower quantity of dust produced.

For the cleaningordinary pellet stove you would need to use abin vacuum cleaner or an ash vacuum bin, you can find it in any appliance store, garden items or by taking advantage of the amazon purchase. A good example of an ash vacuum cleaner is the Levor, offered by Amazon at a price of 72.90 euros with free shipping costs. It offers a very powerful suction, also useful for larger pellet stoves. For all information, I refer you to the page dedicated to the product: Levor ash vacuum cleaner.

Ordinary cleaning involves cleaning these stove components:

  • Ash pan, every time it fills up
  • Brazier, to be cleaned every day
  • Heat exchangers, cleaning should be done frequently, preferably every day

Whenclean the stove you must do it with the appliance turned off and absolutely cold.

Inextraordinary cleaning, if your pellet stove has apowergreater than 8.5 kW or if the model allows it, the brazier must be disassembled.

In case ofExtraordinary maintenanceit is necessary to clean:

  • The heat exchanger chamber (cleans once a month)
  • The ash duct is cleaned in spring or summer (cleaning must be done once a year)
  • The flue gas exhaust ducts are cleaned once a year, together with theflue.

To clean the ash duct, you will need to take a look at the appliance maintenance manual. Many systems provide for the complete extraction of the tank.

To clean the heat exchanger, the cast iron brazier must be extracted and all impurities, soot and unburned parts must be vacuumed. This should actually be part of theordinary maintenance of the pellet stove as it should be performed once a month. Only in some models ofbiomass stoveswith "self-cleaning" function, it will be necessary to limit oneself to carrying out the operation once a year.

For all the details, please refer to the page: cleaning pellet stove

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