What lizards eat

What lizards eat

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What lizards eat: curiosities about the animal world and in particular about the feeding of lizards. What do small or large lizards eat.

What lizards eat? This question will not be answered on wikipedia because there are many lizards in our fields. There are different species and wikipedia catalogs them all ... Thelizards, however, they have the same eating habits.

Thelizardsmost common in our fields, gardens and walls, are those of the genusPodarcis.It's about animals nowanthropized, that is, accustomed to the presence of man so much that they can make a den in the hole in the home.

They hide in holes in walls, under rocks, stones or underground. When they come out, thelizardsthey rest in the sun to warm up: in fact they go out during the hottest hours of the day.

Tail of the lizard coming off

It is true, it is not an urban legend: thelizardsthey have the ability to lose their tail if it is grabbed by humans, a cat or another predator. The tail can then reform itself later seeing a growth rate that in optimal conditions reaches 2 mm per day.

Does the lizard hibernate?

Yes, the lizard is counted among the animals that hibernate, however in some particularly temperate locations in southern Italy, lizards can be seen active even in the middle of winter.

How long does a lizard live?

A lizard has an average life span of 4-6 years although some longer-lived specimens can live even more than 10 years. Let's now move on to the question of interest: what do lizards eat?

What lizards eat

Lizards can be both friends and enemies of the garden. If you're growing strawberries, wild strawberries, and soft fruit in your garden, the lizard may be feeding on them. Lizards already love strawberries and wild strawberries even more, however this is not the conventional diet.

Thelizardsthey are discreet predators: they hunt and eat essentially ants, flies and other insects, spiders and other arachnids, they can get to feed on small invertebrates.

What do small lizards eat?Smaller insect and insect larvae. The largest lizards can get to feed on dragonflies, butterflies, stick insects and even praying mantises.

If thelizards eatladybugs and insects ... they too can be the meal of other animals. Yes, because every predator has a role in the food chain. In the Arctic savannah, at the top of the food pyramid is the Snowy Owl.

In our habitats, thelizardsthey are hunted and eaten by birds (owl, hawk, owl ... but not only birds of prey, even birds such as blackbirds and magpies can feed on small lizards), snakes such as grass snake or viper and various mammals such as ermine ... If it is true that large lizards can eat dragonflies and stick insects ... the reverse is also true, lesmall lizardsthey can be eaten by praying mantises, small insectivorous birds and larger insects.

Lizard: viviparous or oviparous

Thelizardsthey are animalsviviparous. What does it mean? It means that the female produces eggs which hatch upon laying. However, some specieslizardsit also features the reproductive modeoviparous, that is, the type of reproduction in which the female lays fertilized eggs whose embryonic growth takes place inside the egg that is outside the maternal organism.


  • Viviparous: the female lizard produces eggs that hatch at the time of laying. The spawning is, in some ways, comparable to a real birth because the lizard emits the offspring already without an egg outside.
  • Oviparous: the lizard lays fertilized eggs, the development of the offspring occurs in the egg. When the embryo is mature it will break the shell and come out ... just like with birds!

Regardless if it comes tooviparous or viviparous lizards, mating takes place in spring, upon awakening from winter hibernation.

Oviparous species lay thelizard eggsin dense vegetation, in holes in the ground or under rocks. It is between July and August that the lizard babies are born.

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