Recipes with salted ricotta

Recipes with salted ricotta

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Recipes with salted ricotta to prepare quickly. Advice on using hard ricotta and how to make salted ricotta.

Therericotta salatait's ahard ricottaIn fact, salting prolongs the conservation period of the cheese but also changes its flavor and texture. On this page we will give yourecipes with salted ricottathat you can also prepare them with the less knownsmoked ricotta.

Therericotta salatait is not a real cheese, because unlike classic cheeses, thericotta salatait is not produced with thecasein. Therericotta cheese, being casein-free, it is much more digestible and lighter than other cheeses. It is rich in noble proteins.

Fresh ricotta

Fresh cottage cheese has a texturesoftbut it is rather perishable: it can be kept for a few days in the refrigerator, preferably at a temperature of around 4 ° C. Ricotta, fresh or salted, is prepared entirely fromwhey, that is, from the more liquid part that “remains” after obtaining the denser component destined for cheese production. When the whey is heated a second time, it gives life to thericotta cheese... that's why the name,ricotta cheese, because during the second cooking it forms a clot that emerges on the surface of the newly heated whey.

If you intend to do thecottage cheese, you can see the recipe on the dedicated page: homemade ricotta.

Hard cottage cheese

As well as thesalting, smoking also has the same effect. If you are looking forhard ricotta, in fact, you could orient yourself towards thericotta salataas well as towards thesmoked ricotta. Either way it is a version ofricotta cheeselong-life.

Salted ricotta: recipe

Therericotta salata, also calleddry ricottaorhard ricottait is produced almost exclusively with goat's or sheep's (sheep's) milk. It is rarely found on the market ofricotta salatawith cow's milk. The reason? Traditionally it has always been produced by shepherds.

How to make salty ricotta at home?
Once the classic ricotta is obtained, it is cooled and compressed to remove excess whey. Coarse salt is added to dehydrate the ricotta which thus hardens and absorbs part of the salt. Herehow ricotta is made salty!

The ricotta remains in contact with the coarse salt for a month: some shepherds let it mature more. It is clear that the higher the seasoning, the harder it will behomemade salted ricotta. During this period, thericotta salatait will lose up to 50% of its weight, represented by the water portion.

Smoked ricotta

As stated, when it comes tohard ricotta, thesmoked ricottait's just as tasty to use. It is less popular than thericotta salataand has a more distinctive flavor. The consistency of smoked ricotta is very dense. In Sardinia thesmoked ricottait is prepared exclusively with goat's milk. Therecipeswhich we will see for salted ricotta, are also suitable for smoked ricotta.

Recipes with salted ricotta

Therericotta salatayou can use it in any recipe! In fact, ricotta salata can be added to any recipe simply by grating it and adding it at the end of preparation, just like in the photo of these cavatelli with sauce, in the photo below.

Therecipeswhich marry particularly well with thericotta salataI'm:

  • Polenta flattened and seasoned with black cabbage and salted ricotta
    Just prepare the polenta, flatten it and let it thicken. Aside, sauté some black cabbage. Use the black cabbage to season the polenta and finally add the flakes of salted ricotta.
  • Pumpkin gnocchi with sage and salted ricotta
    You will need to prepare the gnocchi with flour and pumpkin. After cooking, sauté the gnocchi in a pan where you have melted a knob of butter and a dozen chopped sage leaves. Turn off the heat, add the salted ricotta, mix and ... serve.

Betweenrecipes with salted ricotta, we cannot help but mention a typical recipe from Campania. The onion omelette with grated salted ricotta. Fry 4 onions in extra virgin olive oil. Add four beaten eggs, add a pinch of pepper and grated ricotta salata.

In the photo above there is theCalabrian pasta, a typical Calabrian dish that is prepared withricotta salata. It can be prepared with tomato sauce (ragù) or with fresh tomato sautéed with a few basil leaves.

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