Walking: the benefits of a simple walk

Walking: the benefits of a simple walk

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Walking benefits: taking a walk outdoors has benefits that we often tend to underestimate. Let's see in detail what it means to take a nice walk!

It is commonplace to think that to keep our body healthy, we need to go to the gym to do targeted exercises. Even taking simple walks offers its advantages! Of course, those who are very lazy will find it difficult to get up from their chair to walk a little. Yet, walking every day brings enormous benefits to our body and this is also confirmed by the experts. The benefits are not limited to physical health but also to mental well-being.

Walking benefits

Walking allows us to improve health in many ways: it reduces stress, helps to relax muscle tension, improves sleep quality. But let's see specifically what are the benefits of walking:

Enhance creativity

According to numerous researches, walking makes us more mentally elastic. Even when we are in the office and feel mentally empty, it can be very helpful to get up from the desk and take a walk, even while staying in the office. Obviously, the benefits are greater if we go outside; the enhancement of creativity remains even after we have returned from the walk.

So if you have daily problems that haunt you, walking could be the right solution!

Prevents dementia

Not everyone knows that regular aerobic activity even at minimal levels helps slow down the symptoms of senile dementia. Enough, walking every day for at least 30 minutes to improve mental activity.

It's good for the heart

The heart needs training, as it is our vital engine. His activity improves when he gets into the good habit of taking a good walk a day. Walking promotes the blood pumping process to the heart, limiting further effort. It is therefore a real cure-all for the cardiovascular system. All this will result in a lowering of the risk of mortality from heart problems.

Improves the mood

According to experts, walking helps prevent depression and, in the case of mood disorders, facilitates its overcoming or management. Getting up from your chair to take a walk outdoors makes us feel better. And let's not talk about temporary benefit. The well-being that derives from walking persists even after the walk and helps to support the mood even when it is a little down. It is very advisable to take a walk if you are going through a situation of emotional stress, nervous breakdown or depression.

It increases the levels of vitamin D in the body

Vitamin D allows the absorption of phosphorus and calcium in the bones, thus strengthening the skeleton. It has been shown that taking long walks promotes the incidence of this vitamin in the body. Especially if you are exposed to sunlight for a sufficient amount of minutes.

When the skin is exposed to sunlight, the body starts producing this vital bone vitamin. Since few foods contain vitamin D (salmon, herring, eggs, liver, red meats, green vegetables, and cod liver oil), taking a day walk is a good way to keep fit. Obviously, in the summer months, it is advisable to protect yourself with creams, hats and increase hydration.

It's good for your bones

Walking also helps bone mineralization (the first step against osteoporosis) and counteracts all those bone diseases that afflict the elderly and not over time.

Enjoy the benefits of a healthy walk

Walking not only invigorates the legs, but helps the whole body to feel better, including the mind. This activity has the ability to relax, eliminate stress, fight depression and restore energy. It prevents obesity and allows you to maintain your ideal weight, in addition to regulating your metabolism. All this translates into a longer life expectancy.

However, keep in mind that the pace of the walk is also important. It must be done at a "good pace", with a little effort and it must not be just an excuse to stroll lazily among stalls and shops.

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