How to build a crossbow

How to build a crossbow

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How to build a crossbow: what you need and step by step instructions to make a do-it-yourself crossbow using materials that are easy to find.

You are a fan of medieval weapons and would like to know how to build a crossbow in your house? You would like to give yourself to bricolage applied to weapons, and start with a good one crossbow do it yourself?

Below we have summarized some of the most useful information to be able to build the modern crossbow, in compound style, with the most rigid limbs in order to make the most of the energy of this instrument. Let's see how to do it!

The right measures to build the crossbow do it yourself

The first thing you need to do is take the right measurements for the barrel, which should be equal to that of your arms. Take a strip of wood, possibly pine, 1 meter long and 5 cm thick. Grab it with your hands and tendon the end in contact with the chest: therefore find the right length for your arms and mark it with a pen: this is the point where you will have to cut.

Therefore, saw the wooden strip, using a hand tool with particular delicacy, to do a good job and not to harm your safety. Also use protective gloves and goggles.

Having done the above, you need to establish the position of the trigger. Firmly holding the wooden strip, keep one end in contact with the shoulder and make a mark at the point where it would be more convenient to have the trigger and the handle of the crossbow do it yourself.

So draw a rectangle with rounded corners where you have decided to place the trigger, with a rectangle that should be no longer than 10 centimeters and with a thickness of no more than 3 centimeters.

What you need to do now is remove the wood inside the rectangle using a chisel, a drill and a rasp. Proceed slowly, carefully removing the wood until you have a smooth hole that has a well-defined shape. To properly complete this work, sand the area around the hole with sandpaper.

Please note: if you are not familiar with wood carving, get help from those who know how to work this material. Always follow safety rules and common sense to avoid accidental damage.

So make a groove that can help you hold the rope in place. A bas-relief using the chisel and rasp is sufficient, approximately 3-4 mm on the front of the trigger hole.

Then proceed to make the slot that will have to hold the square in place. The slit must go from the rectangular hole to the front end of the strip, being in the center of it. You just need to make a mark in the center of the strip, and make a mark in front of the rectangular hole in the center of the stem. Draw a straight line that joins the two marks and through the use of the chisel, hammer and drill, draw a 5 mm deep lane, to be smoothed.

The handle

You are almost at the end of your crossbow but ... the effort is not over yet! You must indeed make the handle: use a second piece of wood with a length of about 20 centimeters, and attach it with wood glue to the rear end of the stem, in the center of the strip, letting the glue dry for an hour.
So complete your work by giving a coat of paint: you will need it to protect the wood from external elements, which could corrode the result of your work.

The bow

At this point you can proceed more quickly with the other components. For make the bow use a hacksaw to cut a 2.5cm diameter PVC pipe to a length of 90cm. and make grooves at the ends of the tube. So attach pulleys to each end of the PVC arch and wrap a rope around them, taking care to insert a small wood screw at both ends of the tube and fix the pulleys to the screws using double hooking clamps.

Then, take a nylon rope and wrap it around the pulleys. Do this calmly, because it is very important that the rope is threaded correctly, passing through the tube 3 times. Pull the rope coming out of the pulleys: the tube should flex like an arc.

Once this is done, make a groove in the front of the barrel: the hollow must be deep enough to allow you to firmly fix the arch inside. Then wrap some duct tape around the tube to secure it at the end of the shaft, so that only the rope that strikes the dart (ie the one that comes out of the pulleys) is above the shaft. If you wish, you can enrich your crossbow with a snap mechanism.

Do it yourself with wood

If you are fond ofDIY weapons, you may find the instructions for building a wooden arch useful. The guiding article is this: how to build an arch

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