Zebrasoma, the most famous fish of the genus

Zebrasoma, the most famous fish of the genus

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The most representative species, nutrition and the price of each specimen. Here's what you need to know about fish of this zebrasoma genus (flavescens, gemmatum, xanthurum, and many others ...).

Zebrasomait's a kind ofmarine fishbelonging to the familyAcanthuridae. These are very popular fish incoral reefsof the Indo-Pacific area where they find their habitat at low depths and mainly feed on algae. They live up to 45 meters deep, love to swim and are therefore not suitable for little ones nano reef where they would suffer.

On this page I propose the list of species ofZebrasomamost sought after by those who want to set up areef aquarium. Let's start with the most famous species, present among the fish of "in search of Nemo", the animated film that made the marine aquarium popular and in particular the clownfish Nemo.

Zebrasoma flavescens

Also known as yellow surgeon fish, is the specimen shown in the photo above. Like all such fishZebrasoma, also the speciesflavescensneeds a very large aquarium. The price of the zebrasoma flavescensvaries from retailer to retailer: generally it is around 80 euros. For all the details: yellow surgeonfish.

It is easy to find as its popularity has made it very common in all aquarium shops. In nature it can reach a length of 37 cm but in the aquarium it normally does not exceed 15 - 20 cm.

Zebrasoma flavescens price:from 70 to 100 €.

Zebrasoma gemmatum

It is a real onegemin the reef aquarium. It is quite difficult to find. It has a variable livery ranging fromnight bluedark brown with light reflections and speckles. It grows up to a maximum length of 22 cm.

The specieszebrasoma gemmatumsees apricevery high purchase price: some retailers offer it for € 2400 although good deals can be done at a cost of € 1000 - € 1200. He is a great swimmer and wants a large pool. Hispricehigh is given by its low diffusion among retailers. This species is widespread along the coasts of the western Indian Ocean, from South Africa to Mozambique, in the waters of Madagascar, Réunion and Mauritius.

Price zebrasoma gemmatum:varies from dealer to dealer, in the range of € 1000 - € 2400.

Zebrasoma xanthurum

Known asyellow fin surgeonfish, the specieszebrasoma xanthurum, like the other specimens of the genus, it needs large tanks. Like everyzembrasoma, his toosupplyit's based onalgaefilamentous. In the tank, he easily gets used to dry foods based on spirulina algae even if over time he learns to eat everything.

There are many conflicting opinions among experts: there are those who say that a fish that in nature feeds only on algae, in the aquarium should be fed only with algae and not with other types of feed. However, it is also true that in the aquarium it is not possible to recreate the vast choice of vegetation found in nature ... Changing the diet to thezebrasomait is absolutely essential to keep the specimen healthy. It is better to give fresh algae from time to time and not just dried food.

Price zebrasoma xanthurum:varies from dealer to dealer. On average 70 - 140 €.

Zebrasoma veliferum

Hispriceit ranges from 50 to 70 euros. Generally the species zebrasoma viliferumhas a color between green and yellow crossed by numerous vertical brown bands, which taper and tilt at the surface of the anal and dorsal limb. It reaches a maximum length of 24 cm, the juvenile form has more vivid colors because it is richer in yellow bands.

Zebrasoma veliferum: pricefrom 50 to 70 €.

Zebrasoma desjardinii

It lives between the coral coasts of the Red Sea and East Africa. Unlike otherszebrasomahaving a solitary life, this species, once adult, tends tolive as a couple: this requires a large volume of water for those who want to host it in their aquarium! It has a tapered snout and like the others zebrasoma eatsfilamentous algae, plankton and other microorganisms.

Its size is important. If sozebrasoma flavescensand the others seen so far in nature grow much more than in the aquarium. For example, it zebrasoma flavescensin nature it can exceed 35 cm. This species, on the other hand, can reach a maximum length of over 40 cm!

Theprice? On average 70 euros.

Zebrasoma scopas

In the genrezebrasoma figure the speciesscopas, its cost is quite low: 25 - 40 euros. It is identical to thezebrasoma flavescensexcept for the coloring: its body is completely brown / mustard yellow.

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