Chilblains on the hands: remedies and advice

Chilblains on the hands: remedies and advice

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It is winter, it is very cold and the air is humid: for those with circulation problems ichilblains on the handsand at the foot I am around the corner.

THEchilblainsare a skin irritation caused by exposure to cold and humidity, but thecausesbasically they reside in bad circulation. Therebecause of the chilblainsit's aslowing of skin microcirculation. The capillaries that should supply the skin and ensure sustenance (provide, among other things, even heat) work little and badly, so we find ourselves withchilblains.

Chilblains: what are they?

They are skin irritations, themedical definitionis "pernioal erythema ". They are characterized bysymptomssuch as swelling, purple coloring and shiny skin. Swollen sores and blisters may be present. THEchilblainsmost common are those at toesbut they can also frequently arise onfingers.

Chilblains on the feet and hands are a very common problem in winter, especially for elderly people, obese people and those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. More rarely thechillit can appear on the knees, nose or ears.

Chilblains on the hands: the first symptoms

The first symptom is itching, followed by intense pain. In elderly people, bedridden patients and in extreme cases, ichilblainsuntreated can lead to necrosis (the death of tissues) and destruction of nerve endings (the first symptom is insensitivity to touch).

Do not worry: if you havechilblains on the handsyou will not necessarily have to face necrosis! Indeed, ichilblainsmost common are of the "benign type", they only affect the epidermis and they cancureeasily.

The subjects predisposed tochilblains handsthey should protect themselves like this:

  1. Wear gloves
  2. Avoid exposure to cold
  3. Take vitamin D supplements
  4. Avoid a sedentary lifestyle
  5. Engage in physical activity that can strain the nerve endings in your extremities (try to keep your toes and hands moving)
  6. Avoid smoking
  7. Keep your body well hydrated, drink more
  8. Use moisturizers and protective creams
  9. Avoid cortisone-based ointments
  10. Contact the dermatologist and evaluate the use of ad hoc drugs such as a solution containing polycresulene
  11. Take lactic ferments and probiotic foods to improve your immune defenses

Wet laundry to hang out in winter can be very harmful, if you really can't avoid this task, hang the laundry at home and then move the clothesline outside. Or, better hang the laundry with gloves.

Why is it important to fill up with vitamin C and take lactic ferments? Why ichilblainsmake yours handsmore vulnerable. The victims of the chilblains they are at greater risk of bacterial wound infections because the ineffective micro-circulation cannot carry the white blood cells to defend that particular area.

Chilblains hand cream

For chilblains, in theory, any moisturizer would do. The problem is that most of the moisturizers on the market contain paraffins and glycerine. If you use moisturizers, make sure they do not contain glycerin even if at first glance they seem to benefit you, in reality they aggravate the disease by further slowing the blood micro-circulation. In the pharmacy or taking advantage of the online purchase, you can buycreams for chilblains(moisturizing, soothing and free of glycerin). You can find different types on this Amazon page.

Chilblains on the hands in summer

More predisposed individuals can suffer fromchilblains handsalso in summer, when the environment is humid and the hands are exposed to suddenly cold temperatures, they canappear chilblains on the hands in summer. Or simply when from a warm environment, the hands are dipped directly in cold waters.

If this is not the first time you have chilblains and you tend to suffer from it even in the summer, you probably have a vitamin D deficiency.

Chilblains hands: remedies

I recommend that you consult a dermatologist so that you understandthe stage and therapybest suited to your case. There are several stages ofchilblains, as stated, the most malignant ones can lead to tissue death (necrosis). The dead zone will no longer see the blood supply and will be extremely vulnerable.

When ichilblainsthey affect the feet the advice is to avoid walking. Similarly, in the case ofchilblains handsI advise you to use your fingers only for small movements.

If you have exposed your hands to intense cold, you should avoid putting them in a too hot environment right away or soaking them in boiling water. A thermal shock can only favor the appearance of chilblains. Avoid rubbing your hands together or putting them near a radiator. The only thing you can do is wrap them in a blanket or wear gloves.

How to cure chilblains on the hands

If you want warm hands with chilblains you will have to continue very gradually and without ever exceeding the temperature of 36 - 38 ° C.

If the frostbite is not severe, you can bandage it with clean gauze but if you notice swelling, protracted numbness of the fingers or otherssymptomsalarming, ask your dermatologist for advice.

If the victim of chilblains is an elderly person, it may be useful to have them undergo a specialist examination by an angiologist.

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