Herpes papilloma: what you absolutely need to know!

Herpes papilloma: what you absolutely need to know!

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When it comes to sexually transmitted diseases, together with HIV (AIDS virus) and papilloma virus, I often hearnominatetheherpes papilloma.

In fact, talk aboutherpes papillomait makes little sense. Not everyone knows but thepapilloma virusand theherpesthey are two very different affections, even if they share some modalities ofinfection. This is why we talk aboutherpes papillomait does not make sense.

Now we explain all the details to you.

Herpes papilloma does not exist

The herpes papilloma does not exist. There is thepapilloma virusand theherpes. Two different infections. The confusion arises for several factors that unite the twoinfectionsand the fact that when it comes to thehuman papilloma virus(papilloma virus) refers to a rather large family…!

Papilloma virus

The papilloma virus, also known asHPV, It is one ofviruswhich can cause damage to the mucous membranes which, degenerating, give life to cancer. As stated, this is not a single virus. THEhuman papilloma virusthey were classified into 120 types, divided into 16 different groups.

How does the confusion with herpes arise? Both viruses can be contracted through sexual intercourse. Indeed, from the epidemiological data it would seem that in Italy the most commonly transmitted sexual diseases are theherpes infectionsand frompapilloma virus. Thenpapilloma and herpesare the two most common sexually transmitted infections in our country.

There is another thing thatpapilloma virusedherpesthey have in common: they can both cause injury. The injuries caused by thesevirusmay be treatable but thevirusremains in circulation. Thinking you have to protect yourself fromherpes virusit seems trivial but it is important to do it when the infection is in a recrudescence phase (in practice when herpes occurs!).

Papilloma vs Herpes simplex

Everyone had theherpesat least once in a lifetime. L'cold soresas well as thegenital herpesare caused by thevirusknown asherpes simplex.

Yes, if you have had at least once in your lifeherpes, it means that the virus is now in circulation and when your immune defenses are lowered, that classic "outburst" could occur, which is why sometimes you get theherpesin the absence of a contagion.

If you often suffer from genital herpes or cold sores, it is also advisable to check for papilloma virus.

If they are two different things, why should I get checked for papilloma virus in case of genital herpes? Lawful question!

The injuries caused by thepapilloma virusthey are meant to heal spontaneously. In immunosuppressed people, that is, in subjects who have a weak immune system, the lesions caused by thepapilloma virusthey do not heal spontaneously and can give rise to tumor masses.

Those who suffer from recurrent herpes tend to have a weak immune system and therefore may be more at risk. This is conjecture and the doctor's opinion is always indicated when in doubt.

How to protect yourself from the papilloma virus?

Fortunately today there is avaccine, both males and females must do it in pre-adolescence or in any case before starting any type of sexual activity. The vaccine is necessary for both men and women.

And who couldn't get the vaccine?
Both men and women should undergo a medical examination. For the woman, thepapilloma virus testit consists of a simple vaginal swab. The man should perform a penescope to identify any injuries.

Among the symptoms of the papilloma virusthere are the sharp condylomas. What are acuminate warts? They are visible bumps in the genital area ... they can be confused with the classicherpes! Here, probably also for this reason there is confusion and we talk aboutherpes papilloma.

It is important to specify that iwartsare caused by many types ofhuman papilloma virus. Many types of warts do not cause problems and therefore medical advice is essential.

Papilloma virus: what to do?

THEdo it yourself remediesin this context they are absolutely not recommended. There is little to do alone: ​​you have to undergo medical examinations and follow the instructions of the specialist.

From the age of 25, the woman should undergo a gynecological examination with a vaginal swab every 3 years. This is to identify the possible presence of papilloma virus and, if the doctor deems it appropriate to investigate any lesions. As stated above, if the lesions are detected early, they can be treated.

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