Birch sap for weight loss

Birch sap for weight loss

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We all know the birch, easy to notice with its light colored trunk and small, light green leaves. However, not all of us know the birch sap and the benefits that this substance brings with it. So let's go and find out together why it is so important to know it, how to get it and to understand if it can do for us.

Birch sap: what it is

It is best known in the gemmotherapy this substance called birch sap, which is extracted from the trunk of the plant of the same name and which is used for the treatment of many ailments, even very different from each other, as we will see. You can also hear about "Betula verrucosa sap", It is a more than correct technical term to refer to the same substance, it derives from the fact that this" special "sap is obtained only from Betula verrucosa Ehr.

In the composition of birch sap we find many elements, let's see the main ones. There are many mineral salts, for example, and in particular, potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, chromium and selenium. There is no shortage of amino acids such as valine, asparagine, glutamic acid, citrulline, isoleucine, then there are also sugars such as glucose and fructose, malic acid and glycosides, including betuloside and monotropitoside.

Birch sap: how to do it

It is worth dedicating a paragraph to the procedure for obtaining this substance since it is not the one that is normally encountered in gemmotherapy. We are not faced with a glycerine macerate, neither to a bud extract nor to an embryonic tissue. The method by which birch sap is prepared differs from the classic preparation methods usually used in gemmotherapy.

We proceed with the extraction from the plant indicated above, Betula verrucosa Ehr., and with the processing that requires the application of a precise method, essential to ensure that the substance obtained retains its active ingredients, at the basis of its potential therapeutic action.

It's not over: you should also take a look at the calendar before proceeding. The best time to extract the birch sap it is the end of winter, from late February to early March. Adult birches must be selected that grow in wooded areas on which to then drill holes 2 to 5 centimeters deep, keeping one meter above the ground and on the side of the trunk facing south. After making the hole in the trunk, proceed with the insertion of special tubes which allow the sap to flow from the plant to the appropriate collection tanks

It is not easy to estimate the amount of lymph which can be extracted from time to time from each plant, in general the ones that yield the most are the birches that grow at relatively high altitudes and have an average size. In spans we can say that from a tree with a trunk in diameter from 50 centimeters it is possible to extract up to 4-5 liters of sap in about four days.

There are several factors to consider, including that too climatic. It can be seen that after a particularly harsh winter, a greater quantity of sap can be collected.

Once the cans are filled, the process to get this sap to go to market continues and nothing must be left to chance. The transport must be carried out with refrigerated trucks to prevent the product from fermenting, for example, and once in the laboratory there are still treatments to be done. Alla birch sap 30% v / v alcohol must be added to obtain a mixture to be stirred, titrated and diluted. What is obtained must be kept inside dark glass containers until it is consumed, always in the form of drops.

Birch sap for weight loss

The high potassium content makes the birch sap a substance rich in diuretic and draining properties. That's why in gemmotherapy it is used primarily to combat disorders such as water retention, lymphatic edema and even hyperuricemia. Also thanks to its diuretic properties, it can be an excellent product for the prevention of kidney stones and can lead someone to think that this substance helps to lose weight. Losing excess fluids isn't exactly losing weight, what do you think?

Thanks to presence of betuloside is monotropitoside, birch sap can also exhibit anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, which is why it is used for the treatment of various forms of arthrosis, in particular, when associated with hyperuricemia. The draining activity associated with the anti-inflammatory action of heterosides, means that this product is used in gemmotherapy also as valid anti-cellulite remedy, always not to be confused with the ability to make us lose weight.

Birch sap: price

We can look for birch sap in a pharmacy or parapharmacy, or easily buy it online. On Amazon we find a specific food supplement "Anticellulite" to Organic Birch Sap, a 500 ml bottle costs 18 euros. At the same price we also find a 100 ml package of birch food supplement

Birch sap: contraindications

If you adhere to the recommended doses, there should be no problems in taking this substance although it is recommended to avoid its use, as a precaution, both during breastfeeding and pregnancy. It is also not recommended to use in case of heart failure and / or renal failure.

It is a product that has no particular side effects to report, but remains contraindicated in the case ofhypersensitivity known to birch sap itself or to any of its components. Before taking birch sap, and it also applies to other gemmotherapy remedies, it is always better to consult your doctor, both to make no mistake and not to delude yourself.

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