45 White flowers that you will love forever

45 White flowers that you will love forever

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The white color symbolizes peace, calm, purity and represents spontaneous feelings. White is an elegant color and let's face it: it goes with everything. This is true in the home as well as ingarden. That's why we offer you a dense list ofwhite flowerswith pictures and names.

White flowers: meaning

THEwhite flowersI'msymbolof innocence, they express sincere appreciation, open-mindedness and projection towards life. It is no coincidence that iwhite flowersare the favorites for bridal bouquets, decorate churches during weddings and on the occasion of the Immaculate Conception.

Their meaning interfaces with chastity understood as purity of soul. They are a symbol of elegance but at the same time, with their simplicity, they convey humility and modesty, beauty and innocence.

If the white flowers are the bride's favorite, it is also true that they are used during funerals, to offer condolences and give the final greeting: in this contextwhite flowersI'msymbolof the Supreme Light of Almighty God.

List of white flowers

After describing themeaningin the language of flowers, let's go straight to a list ofwhite flowersthat cannot be missing in your garden or in your bouquet.

  1. White Rose
    It represents hope, virtue and purity. Symbol of secrecy and discretion.
  2. White Lily
    They are a symbol of purity, spirituality and trust.
  3. White calla
    It features a trumpet-shaped flower. Her magnificent beauty is associated with femininity.
  4. White orchid
    And thewhite flowerwhich par excellence expresses elegance and beauty.
  5. White tulips (second among the images shown)
    It is a symbol of serenity and represents a new beginning.
  6. White carnation
    The significance of thisfloweris related to reverence.
  7. White gerbera
    Its large blooms express an exquisite beauty. It's awhite flowersumptuous that can brighten the days and lift the mood.
  8. White hibiscus
    Hibiscus is associated with opportunities. It expresses clarity, inner beauty and transparency.
  9. White hydrangea (pictured above)
    It is perfect for growing in the garden, in shaded or partial shade areas. It represents a deep understanding of life.
  10. White daisy
    I'mwhite flowerssimple, with an innocent appearance but hiding secret meanings and messages of love. It is no coincidence that the famous "loves me or loves me not" was done by letting the petals of white daisies fly in the wind.

After seeing the top 10white flowers, let's review othersflowers with white petalsthat must not be missing in the garden, on the balcony or in the flower arrangement you intend to pack.

Names of white flowers

All thewhite flowersthat we are reporting to you in this plant, they are perfect both fromgrow in the garden, both as cut flowers for floral compositions.

White daffodils symbolize pure beauty but also friendship and new beginnings. They are a symbol of wealth, good luck and absolute beauty. There are many varieties of narcissus and among these, the white one is undoubtedly the most elegant.

ThefreesiasI'mfragrant white flowersthat should not be missing in any garden. They are perennial plants, their bulb, year after year, offers new fragrant flowers. For all the info: how to grow freesias.

Who seeksevergreen with white flowersto grow in the garden, it can aim for May pollon or Mexican orange, not to mention the manyclimbing plants with white flowerslike jasmine, false jasmine… Among thefragrant white flowerswe remember the magnolia.

Lily of the valley, shown in the photo below, is a plant with very special white flowers. It reflects beauty and happiness: it is the countryside shape that, in the language of flowers, wishes and expresses joy and good humor. It is used in many religious-themed paintings so much that it is known as the flower of the coming of Christ. It is among thefragrant white flowersalso more popular in the cosmetic industry: its extracts are used to prepare perfumes with floral notes.

There white camellia it has a fresh and young look, represents devotion and is the right flower to give to your loved one.

The Japanese anemone is awhite flowerlittle known: it has a squat shape but equally appreciable. It is often associated with pain: a legend tells that the anemone was born from Aphrodite's tear while she was mourning the death of Adonis. L'white anemoneit has a rather controversial meaning: many peoples think it can protect against evil but in other cultures it represents abandonment and pain. It is shown in the photo below.

To produce a nice white flowerthey are not missingwild plantslike “Queen Anne's lace”. Wanting to stay betweenplants with white flowersto grow in the garden, we remember the white iris. It features delicate petals and is the perfect flower both to grow in the garden and to use for wedding bouquets.

Otherscandid and white flowers:

  1. White dahlia
  2. Rosa Icerberg
  3. White amarillo
  4. White petunia
  5. Heliotrope
  6. White scabiosa
  7. Wisteria
  8. White Lilium
  9. Vinca white
  10. White Datura
  11. Yucca
  12. White hyacinth
  13. Stramonium
  14. Clematis
  15. Peony
  16. Alstroemeria
  17. White digital
  18. White Colombina
  19. Lupinus white
  20. White Dianthus
  21. Cornus in white florida
  22. White tuberose
  23. White Helleborus
  24. White primrose
  25. White Nenfea

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In the article "white garden flowers" you will find a list of some garden plants they producefragrant white flowers with cards, features and images.

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