Sugar-free plum jam: how to make it

Sugar-free plum jam: how to make it

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A sweet one sugar-free plum jam is it possible to taste it? And prepare it? Yes, it is possible because this fruit is particularly suitable for this type of recipe and today, with a little patience, delicious results can be obtained. There is no single version of the Plum jam but different, we will see some and then let you indulge your imagination with the certainty that it is a healthy food, especially if you do it yourself. It is also very simple and can then be used to prepare cakes or pastries, as well as spread on bread.

Sugar-free plum jam: ingredients

Besides being very good, this one jam is also very energetic for which it is a candidate to be an excellent ingredient for breakfast, to start the day with a sweet but effective sprint.

It is a simple preserve to prepare at home and customizable according to our tastes, by adding ginger, cinnamon and star anise. There are also those who, to make it even more full-bodied, add some apples, depending on how we like it when we spread it. The ingredients of the Plum jam are 1 kilogram of plums and a lemon, then it would take 500 grams of sugar but we can also not put them, reducing the amount of lemon used.

What do we know about plum, as we prepare to eat so many? It is a fruit rich in polyphenols and antioxidants able to counteract aging, it has many beneficial properties because it actually contains vitamins, mineral salts and fibers. Another advantage is that, while providing a lot of energy, it does not have many calories also because it has a high water content. The fresh plums they are highly recommended for those who need to lose weight or for those who are afraid of gaining weight, this does not apply to dried prunes or Plum jam even if in fact it is not more caloric than many other jams.

Sugar-free plum jam: how to make it

Once the plums have been washed, cut them in half and then eliminate the core and pour them into a rather large pot with the lemon. If you wanted to add sugar, this would be the time to do it. It is necessary to cook everything for about 2 hours over medium heat waiting for the jam to reach the desired consistency. Then we just have to remove our jam from the heat and then put it in the jars, an operation that is anything but trivial if you want to do it correctly and safely.

Plum jam with ginger

Wash and cut the plums in half, remove the stone, cut them into cubes and in the meantime peel the ginger. After these operations we can put the plums in a large pot and then put it on the fire and add the sugar, about half the weight of the plums. The ginger to be added must be grated, then mix everything with a wooden spoon in order to distribute the sugar well and also ginger that gives a nice flavor.

Even while the plum jam is cooking we have to mix often, wait at least an hour or at least check that the mixture reaches a temperature of 108 °. When it is "cooked" we must pass it with the vegetable mill, pouring it when it is still hot in jars. when we do this we must be sure that the jars have been sanitized according to the rules that we will see, better if we can leave 1 centimeter from the edge of the jar.

In general, if we have done everything as indicated, the plum and ginger jam it will keep for about 3 months, of course it must be vacuum-sealed and the jars must be placed in a cool and dry place, away from sources of light and heat. There is no need to jump headlong on freshly made jam, nothing serious happens but it is better to let at least a couple of weeks pass before using it. Otherwise, you must act with open jars that must be kept in the refrigerator and consumed within 3-4 days at the most.

Sugar-free plum jam: preparation of the jars

To properly prepare the preserves made it is necessary to follow the guidelines of the Ministry of Health which offers us a series of hygiene rules of the kitchen, of the person, of the tools used but also valuable information on the treatment of ingredients, pasteurization and conservation, so as not to incur any health risks.

There are also tricks to understand if we have closed the jars well. In the case of jars with closures a rubber gasket, to carry out the vacuum test, pull the special tab, paying attention to the noise that comes out. If it is a dry noise it means that the content has been preserved with the correct vacuum. When we use jars with screw caps, screw the caps well without tightening too much, and let them cool, but to check if the vacuum has been done correctly you need to press the center of the cap and, even in this case, listen for the classic "click-clack" which is not a good sign .

Sugar-free plum jam: calories

For 100 grams of sugar-free plum jam there are 129 Kcal, it does not contain a lot of fat, 30 grams of carbohydrates, 2.9 grams of fiber and 0.8 of protein. Discover the values ​​of dried plums in the dedicated article.

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