Edible freshwater fish

Edible freshwater fish

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Edible freshwater fish:lake and river fish to bring to the table to delight the palate. Edible freshwater shrimp and list of fish with description and availability.

Italy is affected by a large number of lakes, rivers and tributaries. It goes without saying that in our country iedible freshwater fish. Yes, but what are they? The most common freshwater fish species are undoubtedly trout and carp, but they are not the only ones.

Edible freshwater fish

Let's start with i edible lake and river fish most popular and sought after in the kitchen.

1) The carp
The Carp is undoubtedly among theedible freshwater fishmore popular. Farmed carp has a very different flavor from the one caught in the lake, why? Nutrition. The farmed carp are fed with wheat and other controlled feed, on the contrary, the carp fished in the lakes, scratch everything they find on the seabed, returning a fuller and more characteristic flavor. Carp can weigh as much as 35 kg. It may be useful to you: how to clean and fillet carp

2) The Trout
Trout is another queen of our fresh waters (lakes and rivers). It has soft and fine meats and, unlike carp which has a more marked flavor, trout meats have a more delicate taste.

3) The char
The char has similar lines to the trout and also has the same habits. In the kitchen, char is considered more prized than trout for its meat with an aromatic flavor. In general, fishing is only done in winter.

4) The Lavarello or Whitefish
The whitefish is aedible freshwater fishalso known as whitefish. It is very coveted among fishermen: it has soft and tasty meats. It is a medium-sized fish and on the market there are whitefish weighing about 300 grams.

5) The Perch
It's easy to say "perch", actually among theedible freshwater fishthere are several types. Among the local fish there is a native species of ourslakes, this is theroyal perch, is appreciated for its fine meats and has small dimensions (20 cm).

6) The Zander
Sander Lucioperca, also known aszanderzander orsandra, is an edible freshwater fish that in Italy is caught only in some lakes. It is native to Asia and is mainly found in the lakes of Northern Italy. Where to fish it? In Lake Orta, Lugano, Como, Comabbio, Maggiore, Corbara… from the lakes it seems to have spread over the Tiber until reaching the city of Rome, fishing is also done along the Chienti river. It is appreciated for its delicious, very lean and white meats. In our lakes there are specimens from 1 to 4 kg. Due to the quality of its meat, it can be served seasoned only with oil, garlic and parsley.

7) The Catfish
It is a very large fish, reaching 150 cm in length with fatty meat which, for its flavor, is reminiscent of eel. It is a fairly common fish even if not appreciated by everyone and considered of little value.

8) Gardon or Tutilo
The Rutilus rutilus, also known as Rutilo or Gardon is present in a massive way in the lakes and rivers of Central and Northern Italy, in particular in the Po river basin. It reaches a length of 50 cm, it is a very tenacious predator so much so that the introduction into Italian waters was made by mistake. Until a few years ago it was not particularly appreciated in the kitchen but in recent times its meats have been revalued but need to be cooked with some extra attention.

9) Agone or Sardella
This fish lives in the more superficial waters of lakes and rivers, in particular it is caught in Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, Lake Lugano, Lake Garda, Lake Iseo and Lake Orta. It has also been introduced in the lakes of Lazio (Lake Albano, Lake Bracciano, Lake Bolsena and Lake Vico) and in some lakes of Sardinia. It grows up to 30 cm and is eaten both fresh and dried.

10) Bleak
The Alburnus arborella species is endemic to the Po Valley. Today, due to environmental factors and the introduction of predators, it is considered almost extinct so it is little known in the kitchen. It lives in rivers and lakes, it can also be fished in canals and its presence, although not predominant, is also noted in the tributaries of Southern Italy.

Among othersedible freshwater fishto fish in lakes and rivers, I point out:

  • La Tinca
  • The Vairone
  • The Sturgeon
  • The Carpione
  • The Chub

Edible freshwater shrimp

Not onlyedible freshwater fish, inlakes, rivers and canalsedible shrimps also thrive in Italy, in particular theEuropean crayfish. Unfortunately, due to pollution and the introduction of exotic pedestrian crustaceans, this shrimp is gradually disappearing from our freshwater streams. Its presence is a very reliable indicator of the health and integrity of the environment.

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