How to take underwater photos

How to take underwater photos

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How to take underwater photos: tips for taking beautiful underwater photos with a camera, a compact underwater camera or an iPhone. Guide for taking pictures underwater with the iPhone.

If you want to photograph the Great Barrier Reef there are many difficulties you have to face but it is much simpler take a selfie underwater, perhaps in the pool or in the open sea, as long as you are at shallow depths.

Yes because theunderwater photoshave a major limitation: as depth increases, colors fade and the amount of light decreases. On land, low light could be resolved by increasing the time but… when you are at the bottom of the sea, everything is more complex.

How to take underwater photos

For take pictures underwater you need specific equipment for your SLR or a compact camera designed for underwater use. The advantages of an underwater camera are numerous: it is easy to use, easy to carry and affordable.

On the market you can find severalunderwater cameras, even if the choice is not huge. In 2010 the only choice was a Canon Digital IXUS 860 IS. Today Canon relaunches with the PowerShot D30 model, which more like an underwater camera is presented as a compact digital camera for those who love extreme sports: it resists and takes photos up to 25 meters, even if in reality it is difficult to go beyond eight meters. . This model can be bought for over 300 euros. There is also a Nikon underwater camera, the Coolpix W100 which can be bought with 146.99 euros but which gives unsatisfactory results even at shallow depths (3 meters). For the technical specifications of the Nikon underwater camera, I invite you to visit its sheet on Amazon, on the official page dedicated to the “Nikon Coolpix W100“.

If you do not want to spend too much but want a quality product (in my opinion, equal to the quality offered by the optics of the Coolpix W100), on "this Amazon page" you can find the "Aquapix W1024-1" underwater camera that can be bought for less than 60 euros.

Once you have purchased the underwater camera, how do you take pictures underwater? Simply keeping in mind one rule: when you are underwater to take beautiful photos you have to get as close as possible to the subject you want to photograph. The proximity limits the phenomenon of "selective absorption" (the one that determines the loss of colors) and gives you photos, as much as possible, sharper and with greater vividness of colors.

In addition, you should choose days with calm sea, wavy seabed, even if you have a steady hand, they give you blurry photos! Cloudy water is another great enemy of underwater photography.

How to take underwater photos with iPhone

The latest iPhone models (iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X) are waterproof and have IP67 approval which stands for "Ingress Protection", 6 is the degree of protection against dust, while 7 is the degree of waterproofing of the device. In theory, with all waterproof iPhones you could take pictures underwater. Why do I say "in theory"? Because in practice the touchscreen is unresponsive and it becomes almost impossible to do so!

How to take pictures underwater with iPhone?
I told you that the initial limit is the lack of sensitivity of the touchscreen underwater. This limit can soon be circumvented. Like?

Before entering the water, start your camera and take photos using the key you usually use to increase the ringer volume.

This way you will be able to take pictures underwater with iPhone7, iPhone 8 or iPhone X and all waterproof iPhones.

Another strategy that allows you to take underwater photos with iPhone is the use of a stand or "selfie stick"; also in this case you will have to start the camera before entering the water and shoot using the command that you find on the stick connected with the bluetooth to your mobile phone.

Remember one thing, the IP67 abbreviation tells you that the phone is water resistant but not that you can take it with you during a dive. The maximum permanence / resistance time is not more than 30 minutes, in short, the time of a selfie and then you will have to put the smartphone in shelter. And if you really don't want to do without your iPhone during a dive, you will need to purchase a special underwater case, just like those who want to take pictures underwater with their reflex.

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