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Coffee plant: how to treat it and available species. Online sale, origin of the Coffea genus and botanical characteristics of thecoffea arabica or arabica coffee plant. How coffee spread in Italy and cultivation in the world.

When it comes to coffee orcoffee plantit refers to different species even if the main ones, for thecultivation of coffee beans, there are two:

  • Coffea arabica - the classic Arabica coffee
  • Coffea canephora - the robusta coffee

Therecoffee plantbelongs to the Rubiaceae family, the genus Coffea has about a hundred species. To a lesser extent, in addition to the two plants mentioned above, the liberic species is also widespread,Coffea liberica Hiern.

There are also some species of coffee plants that are grown only in certain locations around the globe such as:

  • The species is cultivated in Liberia, Ivory Coast and Sierra Leone Coffea Stenophylla G. Don.
  • Reunion and Mauritius Islands, the coffee plant Coffea mauritiana Lam is grown.
  • Monzabico coffee of the Coffea racemosa species is grown

It goes without saying that thecoffee plantmore appreciated is the Coffea arabica which, with some precautions, it is possiblealso grow in pots.

Arabica coffee accounts for 62% of world coffee production. The remaining 38% is mainly represented by the species Coffea canephora or robusta coffee plant.

Coffee plant: origin

The coffee plant is endemic to the mountainous regions of Yemen and the southwestern highlands of Ethiopia. Today, theorigin of coffeethat we bring to the table is just as far away.

Of thecultivationworld of Arabica coffee, 85% is located in Latin America, of which the main producers are Brazil (with 39%) and Columbia (with 18%), while only 10% of Arabica coffee is of African origin and 5% of Asian origin.

But if theorigin of the coffee plantis so far away, why is the cult of coffee so alive in Italy?

This is what history teaches us. By virtue of commercial relations with the East, the Venetian Republic was the first in which coffee spread in Italy. Coffee, in Italy, arrived in the sixteenth century, the spread started from the geographical area currently identified as Vicenza. Coffee imports originated from the ports of Trieste and Naples, in particular the latter city erected coffee as a symbol of a lifestyle aimed at relaxation and pleasure.

Coffee plant: coffea arabica

ThereArabica coffee plantit is a small tree that grows about 10 meters in nature but which, at home, with the cultivation of coffee in pots, never exceeds two meters in height.

Coffee plant: leaves

Therecoffea arabica coffee plantit has 6 to 12 cm long leaves, the leaves are oval or oblong, opposite and of a characteristic dark green color.

Coffee plant: flowers

The flowers are white and come together in thick bunches that spread to the axil of the leaves. The flowers of the coffee plant have a very small diameter of 10-15 mm but they capture the attention due to the abundance of white bouquets they recreate.

Coffee plant: fruits

THEfruits of the coffee treethey are rounded or oval-shaped drupes. When they reach full maturity they take on the characteristic red or purple color. From thefruitof thecoffeetwo are extractedseeds. Come oncoffee seeds, roasted and ground, which is obtained from the much loved infusion, the drink so widespread in every bar or restaurant in our country.

Coffee plant, how to cure it

Who wants to trygrow the coffee plant in potsit will have an easy time, but it will be much more demanding to bring the plant to bear fruit. In the guide article "growing coffee at home" it is explainedhow to cure itishow the potted coffee plant is grown.

Coffee plant: sale

If you are wondering where to buy the coffee plant, know that it is not so easy to find it at nurseries or garden centers, in this context it is easier to take advantage of theonline selling.

At “this Amazon page” for example, you can find several proposals even with a very affordable price.

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