How to remove stains from wood

How to remove stains from wood

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How to remove stains from wood: instructions for removing stains from wooden accessories (furniture, chairs, tables…), including parquet. Natural remedies, specific products and do-it-yourself to remove and clean stains on wood.

If the piece of furniture is very old, so much so that it is considered aantique piece, I recommend that you contact a good restorer. The restorer will be able to do a professional job restoring your wooden complement to its former glory. Know that, in full autonomy, it can remove scratches from the wood, as long as they are not very deep. To the same extent, thestains in the woodthey must be superficial, otherwise there will be very little to do. On this page I will try to explain to youhow to remove stains from wood.

Beware, if they are grease stains (dark spots given by oil or dietary fat), you will only be able to remove them if they have not penetrated into the deeper layers of the wood. For remove grease stains and oil stains from the wood, you will need to use a filler or wax of a similar color to the complement in wood that you need to repair. Let's see all the details.

How to remove stains from wood

What to do to remove water, ink, grease or other surface stains on the wood? Now I'll explain it to you. Meanwhile, I'll tell you what you need:

  • Razor blade or utility knife blade
  • Cotton ball and soft cloths
  • Essence of turpentine
  • Butter
  • Ash

There turpentine you can buy it at home improvement, DIY or woodworking stores. Alternatively, you can buy using the online purchase, for example “on this Amazon page“, you will find a good number of proposals.

Herehow to remove stains from wood.

With a razor blade, scratch the surface of the stain. Work very delicately. You won't have to deal with the stain from wood as if it were an encrustation, but only remove the most superficial part without scratching or damaging the wood.

After cleaning up any residue, use some softened butter to spread over the stain and surrounding area. You can use your finger to spread it out. Don't worry you won't make the situation worse. The reason? On the still fresh butter you will have to drop some sifted ash (cigar ash is fine too!). The ash is alkaline and has a mild abrasive action. This natural mixture will allow you to smooth the surface and polish (thanks to the butter) the varnish of the wood. In practice it will be like passing a very delicate abrasive paste, a homemade wood polish!

Rub the damaged area with a cotton swab or soft cloth. Remove the residues of butter and ash using a cloth soaked in turpentine essence, excellent for wood. Make circular movements, you will see the stain disappear.

How to remove water stains from wood

Ok, it happens to everyone! Put a glass on the wooden surface and forget the coaster. The droplets of water or other liquid form a circle right on your table. Do not worry, action is easier here.

Forremove water stains from woodyou will have to evaporate the water component, how? With fire and… it's not a joke!

To remove the circular marks left by the glass on thewood, you can use plain alcohol. Pour a little alcohol on the water stain and start a fire, the flame will last a few seconds, just enough to evaporate the water and remove the stain from the wood.

How to clean stains from wood

Forremove stains from woodwe must act promptly. If a grease stain has been there for a long time, it will probably be hard to remove. You have seen it, you can use butter to clean the wood as long as you wash it off with ash and turpentine ... Unfortunately, if the stain stratifies, that is, if it penetrates into the deeper layers of the wood, you will be forced to sand and proceed with a complete repainting.

The same techniques can be used forremove stains from parquet.

You may also be interested in the DIY guide onhow to remove scratches from wood.

Video: Really works! Remove water stains in wood with a hair dryer! (June 2022).


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