The last northern white rhino has died

The last northern white rhino has died

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IS the last northern white rhino died at the age of 45. His health conditions have seriously deteriorated in recent days and for this reason the veterinarian has decided to resort to euthanasia.

Sudan was no ordinary rhino. Era the last male specimen of northern white rhino and, no doubt, what we will all remember as a symbol:

"He will be remembered for raising awareness of the situation in which not only rhinos find themselves, but also thousands of otherendangered species because of man and his activities ".

He writesIsabella Pratesi, WWF Italy Conservation Director:

“The disappearance of Sudan cannot fail to be a moment of careful reflection on the very serious crisis in biodiversity and the loss of species that the planet is undergoing. No one will be able to give us back the uniqueness of these animals, which like pieces of a huge mosaic make up the incredible variety of life on earth. Rhinos, elephants, tigers and other less known species are innocent victims of the crimes of nature ”.

White rhinos are one of the five extant rhino species: the white rhino and the black rhino found in Africathe Indian rhinoceros, the Javan rhinoceros and the Sumatran rhinoceros present in Asia. In turn divided into two subspecies: southern and northern.

Now that's it the last northern white rhino died, remain alive in the reserve Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenyaonly two female specimens of the subspecies: Fatu and Najin. Respectively Sudan's daughter and granddaughter. Guarded 24 hours a day by armed rangers to avoid attacks from poachers.

The Effects of Poaching

The fact of "having lost the subspecies speaks volumes about the bad state of large animals throughout Africa," says Pimm. "It's an indicator of how rhinos are mercilessly hunted and how they are in danger wherever they live."

Habitat loss and poaching have indeed threatened the rhino populations in Africa and Asia for decades.

In 1960 there were over two thousand specimens of northern white rhino with an area that extended from southern Chad to the Democratic Republic of Congo. Then exterminated in the seventies and eighties by poachers due to a boom in demand for horns, the latter have been used for traditional Chinese medicine and by dagger maniacs in Yemen.

The horns of rhinos are in fact known to have healing properties and are an ingredient in several preparations of traditional Asian medicine. Although scientists argue that they are completely ineffective.

The last northern white rhino died, fbear there is hope

Rhinos have a life expectancy of between 40 and 50 years and, therefore, the natural reproduction of elderly females no longer seems to be a viable path.

The only hope for trying to save this endangered species is a scientific breakthrough. In fact, research is underway to try to reproduce a northern white rhino calf using exclusively the in vitro fertilization (IVF).

It is certainly not an easy task, even for its high cost. But good progress has been made in developing the process and an additional $ 10 million is estimated to be needed to complete the research and develop the necessary procedures.

However, it could take ten years to obtain satisfactory results.

Watch the tribute video dedicated to Sudan

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