How to take aloe vera

How to take aloe vera

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How to take aloe vera: from daily doses to advice for taking juice, gel or aloe-based supplements. Aloe vera, how to take it before or after meals, to lose weight and for how long.

Today we will see how to take Aloe Vera so as to make the most of its many property beneficial. As always, we advise you not to prepare DIY aloe juice, despite the many recipes found on the net. Making aloe juice is risky because the leaves of this plant feature a massive amount of aloin, a substance irritating to the intestine and the entire gastrointestinal system and which can cause a good number of side effects.

Why take aloe vera:properties and benefits

There are 250 species ofaloe, Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis Miller) it is the only one that can count more than 3,000 scientific publications, including studies, research and tests. L'Aloe Vera it contains various metabolically active substances, among these there are vitamins of group A, C, E with a strong antioxidant activity. There is no lack of numerous B vitamins, in particular B1, B2, B6 and B12.

Minerals include calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, zinc, selenium, manganese, phosphorus, iron, chromium, sodium and chlorine. Many do not know that theAloe Vera it is rich in amino acids and is able to supply 18 of the 22 essentials required by our body. There are several enzymes that can help us in digestive processes, nutritional proteins and polysaccharides with a protective effect on the mucous membrane of the digestive system.

Thanks to his composition, L'aloe Vera it is highly widespread. In Italy it is used in the form of supplements, gel and juice. How do you go about if an aloe juice or supplement is of high quality? Based on the concentration, the higher the concentrations of pure juice, the greater the contribution of polysaccharides. It is the polysaccharites that carry out the main activity of Aloe juice, in fact, based on the concentration of polysaccharides, terms of comparison are made between the different commercial preparations of Aloe.

How to take aloe vera:aloe-based supplements

L'Aloe vera could be assumed in the form of food supplements, there is no shortage of 100% natural formulations on the market: usually, each 100 mg tablet of food supplements based on Aloe Vera, corresponds to a concentrate of 20 ml of aloe juice.

When purchasing a supplement of this kind, make sure that the tablets are free of aloin and obtained directly from the fresh plant with a cold processing system, only in this way will you be sure to buy a product that is as natural as possible.

Aloe vera-based supplements are easy to find on the market, just go to a supermarket and choose the most natural one. The advantages of supplements are clear: these are tablets that are easy to swallow and very practical, however it must be said that the aloe vera extract must be cold worked to ensure its properties and not all manufacturers respect this prophylaxis.

How to take Aloe Vera juice

There is no shortage of aloe vera-based juices or 100% pure aloe juice on the market, the only drawback are the prices which, for more concentrated products, can be more expensive than for supplements.

THE Aloe Vera juices they are not and should not be considered as the classic fruit juices, even if on the market there are some combinations in the style of "Aloe Vera and Blood Orange Juice" or "Aloe Vera Juice and Blueberry Concentrate" ... Aloe Vera juices they must be considered as food supplements and must be taken without exceeding the daily doses indicated on the label based on the concentration of the chosen product.

Which juice to choose? Pay attention to the label! Also in this case it is necessary to pay attention to the ingredients and the origin of the aloe juice. Prefer highly concentrated juices and even better if certified with the Bio label. Among the various proposals on the market, ato this Amazon pageyou can find a 100% pure juice with double concentration. A liter of this pure aloe vera juice, of certified origin and double concentration, is offered at a price of 20.95 euros even if often, on Amazon, it is on offer at 16.60 euros with free shipping.

Due to its high concentration, this line can also be found in various parapharmacies, where the price is around 25 euros.

Aloe vera juice

As stated, therecommended daily dosesthey strictly depend on the concentration of active ingredients or of the juice itself. So it is impossible to provide youmaximum daily dosesgenerally.

In general, the advice is to take between 30 and 60 ml of aloe vera juice.

Aloe vera, when to drink it: before or after meals

For better effectiveness it is recommended to drink aloe juice in the morning, on an empty stomach, so it should be drunk before meals.

The producers report that the juice can also be drunk pure ... however I recommend taking it diluted with other natural drinks because the juice itself does not taste very good (at least for my palate!).

Aloe juice, for how long

How long can you take aloe juice? Again there are no universal prescriptions. Generally it is recommended to perform the treatment with aloe juice or supplements for 30 days, then suspend for a further 30 days and then resume to take advantage of the benefits again.

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