Hardy indoor plants

Hardy indoor plants

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What are the hardy houseplants and, at the same time, decorative. From plants that need little water at indoor plants more tolerant to dark, atshadow and to few light. Here is the list of easy to keep houseplants and who need to little care.

If you don't have a green thumb, fear not, they exist low light resistant houseplantsand which need little water. On this page, we won't just talk aboutdim indoor plantsbut all those houseplantseasy to growand that, above all, they will not die after a few months of agony!

Are there any indoor plants that need little care? These are the so-called low-maintenance plants, with few needs and requiring a minimum of care.

Please note, all indoor plants need cleaning, so you'll have to clean the leaves!

Hardy indoor plants

But be careful not to have too many illusions. Who is on the hunt forhardy houseplantsmust be aware of one thing: all flowering plants require periodic irrigation, fertilization, right exposure… so don't expect big inflorescences! On this page we will focus onhardy and decorative houseplantsbut if you want flowering indoor plants, be aware that you will need to take some extra care.

Pothos, green plant with decorative leaves

It is a climbing plant, capable of thriving on any support. It is also able to grow well withfew lightbut beware: in conditions oflow lightthe variegation of its leaves decreases.

The plant produces rather long stems, you just need to shorten them while for irrigation, you have to let the soil absorb the water well even at the cost of leaving it a bit dry (without exaggerating) because this houseplant hates water stagnation. It is resistant to little light and little water.

Aloe vera

Easy to grow, she loves mild temperatures and needs lots of sunlight. It does not require frequent irrigation, on the contrary ... For all the information I refer you to the page: how to grow aloe vera.


It resistsin the shade, in the cold and loves humid soils.

Crassula ovata

ThereCrassula it is characterized by small leaves with an intense green color. This succulent plant can live well for several years even in the same pot. It loves light and prefers dry soils, so it resists "little water" even for long periods.


Perfect for those looking forindoor plantsadaptable tofew light. The plant grows well in theshadow and you just need to keep the soil evenly moist.


Resistanttofew light,it prefers humid soils and can be placed in rooms with few windows. It is a plant that, if well kept, produces beautiful white flowers.


Very versatile in terms of exposure: it grows well both in dim light (with few light), both in conditions of high brightness. It does not like humidity or water stagnation so it must be irrigated in moderation. It is the plant shown in the photo below.

Spider plant

Thisindoor plantit needs a medium-high light intensity and moist soil. To lower the care to be devoted to this plant, you can grow it in the most humid environment of the house such as the bathroom or kitchen.

Rubber tree

It is perfect for those who want onetall indoor plant: it can easily reach two meters in height. If you want it smaller, you will need to prune it. This plant does not want to be watered often: the soil must dry out completely between one irrigation and the next. It needs medium or high light.


This is also perfect for those seekinghardy indoor plants of large size. It can thrive up to two meters in height and is quite flexible: it adapts well to environments in dim light or medium lighting.


Its glossy green leaves are very decorative. It can be grown close to a window in full sun or where there is a lot of light. There are more than 800 varieties and they need the soil to dry out completely between one irrigation and the next.

Low-light resistant houseplants

As stated, thehardy houseplantsonly rarely do they give flowers. In the article "Which flowers grow well in the shade? " we are not talking about low maintenance plants, rather thoseflowering plantswho have specific needs in terms of soil and irrigation and, among their needs, prefer a shaded or partial shade exposure.

Other low maintenance plants but above all you cangrow in dark and dim rooms, can be found on the page: plants resistant to low light.

Warning! Choose oneHardy houseplantwill not exempt you from any care: all plants are living organisms and require constant attention, especially if they are entrance plants


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