How to prune bilberry

How to prune bilberry

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How to prune bilberry: instructions toblueberry pruning. In the same period of the year, currants, gooseberries and red raspberry are also pruned.

When to prune bilberry

Theblueberry pruning periodit falls in late winter, between February and March and always in the absence of snow. In thisperiod of the yearyou go to run theblueberry pruning, currants, gooseberries and red raspberry.

How to prune bilberry

Attention, theblueberry pruningdiffers from that ofAmerican blueberry. The American cranberry is a different species, and unfortunately, when it comes to the cranberry plant, there is a tendency to get confused. In this guide we will seehow to prune bilberryof the speciesVaccinium myrtillus.

Blueberry pruning: Vaccinium myrtillus

TheBlackberry, scientific nameVacciniu myrtillus, is a plant belonging to the genus Vaccinium (just like the American blueberry and the European blueberry), belonging to the Ericaceae family. It is a small deciduous shrub, with an expanded habit and a height between 20 and 60 cm. These plants have a very slow growth, making no drastic pruning necessary unless you end up neglecting this operation for many years in a row.

When to prune bilberry

To avoiddrastic pruningand interventions that are too "severe" it is recommended to perform oneannual pruning. The best period is the one indicated above, ie between the second half and the end of the winter season. Pruning should be done in the absence of frost and snow.

Blueberry pruning, how to do it

The operation ofpruningit consists only of back cuts to be made on branches, branches and secondary branches. On very vigorous plants, just cut away the dry branches and those branches that grow in a "disorderly" way, stealing precious oxygen from the plant.

On plants over 15 years old, thepruningit is more intense: it may be necessary to cut at the base of some branch which is now not very productive. Keep only one or two suckers at the level of the head of the blueberry plant. From suckers, during the second year of vegetation following thepruning, productive jets will develop.

If thepruningis performed wisely and "climb“, Every year you can have a new productive shoot (more loaded with fruit). Like? In practice, on older plants, you can decide to gradually renew the entire bush by cutting, annually, one or two branches at the base.

Bilberry, renewal pruning

Thereblueberry pruningit has in fact the purpose ofrenew the foliagekeeping constant or increasing the fruit production. If your plant produces few blueberries, it is probably time to renew because you are faced with an excessively senescent (old) head. Ideally, branches that have exceeded 7-15 years should be cut. After this period (it is true, it is a wide interval, but it depends on the variety but also from plant to plant and on the cultivation conditions) the branches become less productive while the younger shoots, after the second year of vegetation, will be well loaded with fruits.

Ideally, you should try to monitor blueberry production. For more information on blueberry cultivation care: how to grow blueberry.

Red, black and white currants, pruning

The same principle applies to thepruning of red, black and white currant. The currant, however, must be renewed every 5 years, in fact here the tufts grant maximum productivity only for about 5 - 6 years, after this period they go through a phase of decline, gradually producing less fruit.

For more information on pruning and cultivation of currants, I refer you to the page: how to grow currants.

Which scissors to use

Let's talk about pruning shears. Which to use to prune shrub plants such as currants, blueberries, gooseberries, red raspberries ... but also blackberry and rose brambles?
Undoubtedly a pair of ratchet scissors that make the cut "cleaner" even in the case of older and harder branches, such as old blueberry clusters to be cut at the base. If you already have the classic “double-edged” scissors at home, you can use these, but be careful to make clean cuts.

The ratchet system allows to distribute the cutting effort evenly without damaging the plant at the time of cutting and above all eliminating the risk of fungal diseases and facilitating the healing of the tissues.

Where to buy ratchet scissors? In any garden center, from the nursery or on Amazon. A good item with excellent value for money can be found on Amazon for 8.05 euros with free shipping. For all information, I refer you to this address.

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