Heat reflective panels: features and benefits

Heat reflective panels: features and benefits

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Heat reflective panels, installing them in your home is an excellent intervention, if you want to increase the yield of the radiators already present, saving on “winter” spending. These are not big jobs or big costs, and the result is really win win, on the domestic comfort side and on the bank account side that is not emptied in order to spend a warm winter.

Heat reflective panels: characteristics

THE Heat reflective panels are panels that have insulating, heat-reflecting properties and are able to reduce heat loss from various types of indoor environments. They are often installed in private homes, but their action can also be useful in other cases, for example in offices. Indeed, more and more companies are seeing in heat reflective panels a solution to optimize the action of the radiators they already have, without having to face large costs of arranging the systems.

These heat reflective panels, in addition to maximizing the efficiency of the heating already present, they are able to fight waste and heat loss. Those who know their potential well are architects and construction companies but also private individuals can choose to use them aiming to save energy and improve the energy performance of their homes. A case in which heat-reflecting panels are particularly useful is that in which one is intervening in a building without high insulation and therefore showing difficulties in conserving heat.

Heat reflective panels: advantages

Already mentioned, we can recap them. The advantages of these panels with insulating and heat-reflecting properties are many and concern both their cost, which is not unattainable, especially compared to others, and their ability to improve internal thermal insulation. Compared, for example, to an intervention such as the thermal coat, often taken into consideration in similar circumstances, the heat-reflecting panel is certainly more agile and convenient. It can be used alone but also in combination with thermovalves or other energy saving devices, such as double glazing and draft excluders.

Net the panels cut our bills under the heading "heating" but do not leave us in the cold, with the same irradiation of the radiators.

Termolam heat reflective panels

From the research of Isonova, is born Termolam, a product then developed and manufactured in Italy. This heat reflective panel is a "sandwich material", formed by a panel of extruded polystyrene foam coupled with sheets of P.E.T. metallized. The result is an intelligent and versatile material, excellent for insulating; also the sheets of P.E.T. they help reflect the heat produced by the radiator inside the room.

Termolam can be easily installed between the radiator and the wall, without too many complex maneuvers and without having to remove the radiator itself. Just place a panel, even flexing it between the sill and the radiator, and already the loss of heat to the outside is reduced by up to 40%. The heating yield towards the inside of the room can increase, at the same time, by up to 90%.

Heat reflective panels: where to buy them

It is possible, with winter just around the corner but the cold already lurking, to buy Termolam also on Amazon in order to install it in a few steps and enjoy the benefits immediately.

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