Citrine quartz, properties

Citrine quartz, properties

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Citrine quartz, propertiesin crystal therapy and chemical properties. How to recognize natural citrine quartz, color, where to buy it and zodiac sign.

Incrystal therapy citrine quartz is associated with good humor and happiness. To make the most of thepropertycrystal therapy experts recommend wearing it in the form of a pendant to hang around the neck: it is associated with the third chakra. With necklaces with a sufficiently long chain, it can reach the digestive system area so as to improve digestion and promote a state of lightness.

Citrine Quartz, what is it

Thecitrine quartzis a stone that falls within the group ofquartz. It is aboutyellow crystalline quartzwith silicon dioxide. Molecular geometry features a trigonal crystal system.

The yellow color is due to the trivalent iron impurities. Based on the impurities, the color of the citrine can be pure yellow or yellow tending towards orange.

Compared to amethyst quartz, the oxidation state of iron changes.

Therechemical formula of citrine quartz: SiO2 + (Al, Fe, Ca, Mg, Li, Na).

Citrine Quartz, magical properties

Therecrystal therapyfollows the theory according to which icrystalsthey are able to emit vibrations capable of assisting harmony, balance and, if necessary, strength, tenacity, determination ... Different vibrations can act on different levels.

The "magical properties" ofcitrine quartzthey are due to the strength and courage to live.

Citrine quartz is suitable for those who want to build their own individuality: it brings security and stimulates the need for self-realization. Also useful for those who carry out creative work as it stimulates innovation.

It stimulates the desire and the joy of living, awakens pleasure and helps to get rid of negative thoughts.

Citrine quartz and zodiac sign

Always according to thecrystal therapy, each stone can more easily resonate with certain planets andZodiac signs.

Citrine quartz, zodiac sign: Libra, Leo and Virgo.

For the zodiac sign of the lion, the eye of Tiger, Amber, Pyrite and Opal are also indicated.

For the zodiac sign of Gemini, these crystals are indicated: Chrysocolla, Ulexite and Agate (especially blue agate and gray agate).

For the zodiac sign of Cancer, the recommended stones are: agate (in particular white agate), Selenite (moonstone), Silver and Calcite.

Crystals are recommended for the zodiac sign of Aries: Rubimo, Kyanite, Aventurine, Red Jasper.

For the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, green light for Sapphire, Copper and Lapis Lazuli.

For the zodiac sign of Scorpio the stones are indicated: Unakite, Rhodochrosite, Topaz and Malachite.

Citrine quartz, where to find it

Natural citrine is relatively rare, in fact what we find on the market generally iscitrine quartzobtained from the heat treatments of other types of quartz such as amethyst quartz or smoked quartz. These quartzes are treated with heat until the oxidation state of the iron changes and thus the color changes to yellow-orange.

Natural citrine quartz, endowed with colors and a characteristic transparency, is often confused with yellow topaz which for this reason is still today called topaz quartz.

TO "this Amazon address " you can find a citric quartz pendant certainly obtained by heating another type of quartz but only by observing it live and comparing it with a natural sample you will appreciate the differences.

How to recognize true citrine quartz

To recognize if thecitrine quartzit is natural or obtained from the heat treatment of other types of quartz, it is important to observe its hue. Thecitrine quartzobtained from other quartz, it has a more orange color. For irrefutable tests you go to measure the density and then you will need to contact a minerologist.

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