Hallux varus iatrogenic

Hallux varus iatrogenic

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Hallux varus, a problem that becomes evident because it involves a deformity of the big toe. It is not the only symptom: the big toe varus is in fact not a purely aesthetic problem. Sufferers also have other ailments such as chronic pain, difficulty wearing shoes o socks, difficulty walking, tendency to have ingrown toenails, swelling and pain in the foot and ankle. More yes wear unsuitable shoes, the more the symptoms are accentuated and unbearable, so much so that there are cases in which it is operated.

Hallux varus: what is it

It is defined varus, the big toe, when it deviates from midline of the foot. In a certain sense, it is a specular deformity compared to that which is noted in the case of hallux valgus, because it concerns the phalanx on the 1st metatarsal.

The acquired forms are much more frequent than those congenital, are usually iatrogenic forms and derive from "errors" or surgical failures for correction of hallux valgus. Another case of acquired hallux varus is that following a trauma.

Hallux varus iatrogenic

When observing a hallux varus is noted that it appears much farther than the other toes. Iatrogenic deformity is that caused by trauma or resulting from unsuccessful surgical operations aimed at correcting hallux valgus, the symptoms are pain and irritation and lead to serious difficulties in the use of footwear, forefoot instability and joint degeneration.

Hallux varus and valgus

We have now understood that the deformities brought about by hallux valgus and varus are different but somehow related. However, if you want to learn more about the characteristics of the disorder called hallux valgus, there is the dedicated article.

Hallux varus: operation

It is not uncommon to proceed to remedy the deformity of the big toe with an operation, a real surgery that corrects by freeing whoever suffer from aches and pains. This is usually recommended if the condition progresses and gets worse over time.

Hallux varus congenital

The congenital big toe deformity, inherited from one of the parents are very rare, but they can be there. The however, the remedy is surgery.

Hallux valgus: remedies

It all depends on the severity of the deformity and the pain threshold that the patient has. It is also a personal matter. Of course, we try to avoid surgery that can keep us still for a while, trying alternative remedies, always consulting a specialist.

There are conservative care that aim to reduce the discomfort and symptoms associated with the deformity, can be used for example anti-inflammatory drugs, start wearing custom orthotics and get started with physiotherapy.

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