Thai Ridgeback dog

Thai Ridgeback dog

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Thai Ridgeback dog, a muscular dog of medium size which, as we can imagine from the name, comes from Thailand. One of the reasons why perhaps some of us know him is the fact that it has no undercoat and therefore it does not create problems for people allergic to dog hair. The hair, yes there is, and it can be blue, black or red, but white is also accepted.

Thai Ridgeback dog: puppies

As adults the puppies must reach the height of 56-61 cm, if male, otherwise 51 - 56 cm, so they are not small but not huge either. They have brown eyes, short hair, hard and straight, ears, set low, triangular in shape and pointed at the end.

The back is sturdy and a sort of crest is very evident that runs along it, pronounced, composed of hair, from the withers to the hips. I'm few cubs are born and remain without the crest.

The thighs stand out because they are muscular compared to the rest of the body which appears lean, sculpted but not massive. The Thai Ridgeback dog is an agile and fast dog. If you look at it, it seems to have almost a human expression due to the wrinkled forehead, it is also noticeable the tongue if black or with black spots.

Thai Ridgeback dog: character

Intelligent and lively, this is an energetic dog that tends to rely on its master and have a correct and respectful attitude towards those who educate him.

With his family he is affectionate, only with strangers who appear aggressive to him can he be shy or aggressive, he is alone outdoors without posing too many problems, it is not easy to tame but it makes him happy if you take him for a walk.

Thai Ridgeback dog: breeding

Ancient breed of Thai origin, the Thai Ridgeback dog it is not very well known in our country but in the next few years it may happen that it will become more widespread, especially in Western Europe.

His name, "Ridgeback" is related to the presence of the ridge on the back, from "ridge", crest, and "back", back, the same goes for two other breeds that have the same characteristic: the Rhodesian Ridgeback and the Phu Quoc Ridgeback. We can find this breed that defined with the term “Mah Thai Lang Ahn”.

Thai Ridgeback dog: price

This dog to date is difficult to find in Italian farms and it has quite high prices, which far exceed a thousand euros. In addition to being a not very widespread dog, it is also beautiful and powerful, but it does not have a character suitable for any type of owner. His major defects, considered "eliminators" for those who take dogs to shows and competitions, it is the absence of a crest, the hair that is too long and other obvious physical anomalies.

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