Long-haired Weimaraner

Long-haired Weimaraner

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Long-haired Weimaraner, rare to see as opposed to the short-haired one, more and more widespread, at least in Italy. It is a medium to large sized hunting dog, an athlete born to work but also sweet and likeable, lively but educable.

Long-haired Weimaraner

With the long hair the Weimaraner he has the air of an aristocratic hunting dog, almost "snobbish" if he were not muscular, harmonious and decidedly likeable. Its name links it in an undisputed way to German city of Weimar, located in Germany, although the true origins are still under discussion.

Many experts believe that among the progenitors of this breed there is the Sant’Uberto dog together with Chien Gris de Saint Louis, now extinct, but everything has yet to be confirmed and there are also other hypotheses. What we can say with certainty is that the Weimaraner is an officially recognized breed, inserted in group 7 of pointing dogs like him Spinone, the Irish Setter, the Spaniel Breton and the German Bracco.

Long-haired Weimaraner: character

It is elegant in appearance, but the character of this dog is rather rustic, is used to being outdoors even though it is easy to train and shows itself always very affectionate. These characteristics make it a perfect dog to keep in the family, always being careful why he needs to move a lot.

When it comes to to hunt, is tenacious, he is not a submissive dog and he knows what he wants, moreover he is robust and strong, also of character.

With the master he never rebels, however, on the contrary, obeys and protects, he's sweet and almost "sticky" because he hates being alone. If, on the other hand, he meets strangers, he changes his way of being and becomes very wary and suspicious, even towards other animals it is not very sociable.

Long-haired Weimaraner: breeding

Always the Long-haired Weimaraner he grew up in close contact with humans, always next to the owner and this is also why he is not a dog suitable for managing alone for many hours. He is used to being with people.

Its origins are German but it is arrived in Germany via the Rhine, around the 15th century forming through crosses with "German shorthaired pointing dog" and other hunting dogs. Today in Germany the long-haired Weimaraner is a known breed, in Italy it is more and more widespread but less than the short-haired one, in the United States it is already very popular.

Short-haired Weimaraner

Better known and easier to cross, the Short-haired Weimaraner is more elegant and with its “model” appearance it may perhaps appear less sweet. Not true, he is identically approachable and affectionate.

Long-haired Weimaraner: puppies

The puppies of this breed are among the most irresistible, very similar to soft toys as they are soft and with a sweet air. Although easy to train, they must immediately get used to the rules, with gentleness and firmness. They are also suitable for staying in a house with children, preferably with a garden. He also loves water very much and long walks in the company of your master.

The hair of the Long-haired Weimaraner is soft, smooth or slightly wavy and at the ends of the ears, velvety. On the tail there is also a plume e on the limbs a sort of culotte. The coat color can be silver gray, fawn gray or mouse gray, or an intermediate shade.

Long-haired Weimaraner: price

A puppy of Long-haired Weimaraner it can cost from a thousand euros upwards, on average. Because it is still rare and also because as a breed it is quite expensive. It can be used as a guard dog, as a defense dog police dog and also to search for missing persons or the fight against drug trafficking. He has iron health and gets sick very rarely, if we want to find weak points, it's his eyes and skin, because he suffers a lot from dermatitis

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