Picardy Sheepdog

Picardy Sheepdog

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The Picardy Sheepdog he is an animal with a solid physique and a rustic appearance. It is medium in size, trunk and limbs are wrapped in powerful muscles that do not make it heavy at all. When it moves it is agile and elegant, of character is intelligent and alert but not too nervous and restless. For those who know about dogs, has the classic expression of the griffon.

Picardy Sheepdog

When we are faced with a specimen of this breed immediately we notice the balance of proportions that he has in his body. The head is well sized in relation to the body, the skull is strong and broad, the stop is light and ends with the nose always black.

On the muzzle of the Picardy shepherd dog well-marked eyebrows and mustaches stand out, the jaws are quite visible, the eyes are awake, quite large, while the ears have medium size, are wide at the base and remain erect, with rounded tips. The body of the Picardy shepherd dog it is robust as well as the neck, the tail is long and with a curved tip but it does not bend over the back when leaning on it.

The coat of this breed is not neither fringed nor flat, it is about 6 cm long on average and is resistant to bad weather, there is also a finer undercoat which is very useful for low temperatures and humidity. As for the colors, the standard admits gray, gray-blue, gray-black, gray-red and yellow-reddish-gray mix.

Picardy Sheepdog: breedings

This breed has been known since the Middle Ages but it is not yet clear how it was born. Experts believe it may have been brought to Europe by the Celts centuries ago, the first standard to which we are able to trace, however, bears the date of 1912, but we must wait until 1925 to see the breed officially recognized. Most of the farms today it is in France, in Picardy, region of origin, but also in neighboring regions, while it is really difficult to find structures that breed and sell this dog outside of France.

Picardy Sheepdog: puppies

THE shepherd puppies of Picardy they are quite easily educated. It is important to feed them with quality food immediately and get them to do a lot of movement but also get them used to being with people if you want to keep them as pets. Being a medium-sized dog, as an adult a male of this breed can reach 65 cm in height at the withers, a female slightly less, and the weight varies from 20 to 26 kg.

Picardy shepherd dog: character

In the family it can be kept without problems, but it is a dal dog gritty character and with strangers, if he is not well bred as a puppy, it can tend to become aggressive. He is courageous and defends his family, he loves being outdoors and it is important that his master has a firm fist otherwise he thinks he can command. It's a dominant dogoften if not well educated.

In addition to meadows, it also loves water and coexists with other animals without arguing or being aggressive, with the people he knows he is affectionate and with his master, faithful.

Picardy Sheepdog: price

A puppy of this breed from Italy it can cost a lot because it is not at all easy to find it while in its region of origin the price goes down. It is still used as a shepherd dog but is also excellent as a defense dog for property and for the person.

Buying a dog like these is then necessary take care of his coat very carefully and remember not to make him a couch dog. Needs being outdoors and running every day.

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