Cheap drone with camera: my review

Cheap drone with camera: my review

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A cheap drone with camera it is an ideal technological gadget to spend some time relaxing with a decidedly fun playful activity and "becoming children" for a few minutes! In case we have children, the fun will be double even if I assure you that you will be sorry to “let them have the joystick”! :-)

The model I bought on Amazon for this test is the foldable drone LHI X8TW SKYHunter at the modest price of 52 Euro including shipping.

Economical drone with camera: shipping and unboxing

The product arrived on time in a few days and the package contained everything promised in the Amazon tab:

  • The SKYHunter LHI X8TW foldable drone
  • the rechargeable lithium battery to make it work
  • connector to connect the battery to any USB socket
  • the remote control
  • the holder to insert the smartphone over the remote control
  • a small bag with screwdriver and spare parts
  • instruction manual

Here is the package just opened on my table ...

SKYHunter economic drone: preparation for flight

Like "every child who receives a new game", I couldn't wait to try to fly this drone paid only 50 Euros but apparently solid and well made.

So here are the operations you need to perform to get started quickly:

1. The first step is to open the flap located on the “belly” of the drone and remove the battery, being careful not to pull it by the wire but by grabbing the connector.

The battery just removed from the drone

2. Connect the battery connector to the special cable included in the package and insert it into a normal USB socket to start charging which will take an hour and a half.

3. Insert 2 AA batteries in the controller compartment (very similar to a Playstation Joypad but with a liquid crystal display)

4. Try to open the drone by spreading the 4 arms connected to the propellers, until you hear a "click" so as to become familiar with the operations you will have to do once outdoors. Finally open the two supports located under the drone. These are extremely simple and natural movements but it is always better to try them at home so as not to waste time when you are ready to fly.

5. Read the instruction booklet WELL! The instruction booklet of the SKYHunter drone is short and clear (14 pages with several illustrations). It is very important to enjoy the flight experience that you read it carefully and then take it with you to always have it under control, especially in the first tests.

6. By framing the QR code printed on the package and in the instruction booklet, download the App (available for both iOS and Android) which you will need to see in real time on your Smartphone what is captured by the drone camera and to perform a series of operations such as taking photos or making the drone perform particular movements.

6. Think of an outdoor area LARGE AND FREE FROM TREES AND PEOPLE where you can fly your drone safely.

7. After an hour and a half, disconnect the battery from the socket and reinsert it into the drone, making sure to close the flap "without squeezing the wire".

You are ready for your first flight! :-)

8. When you arrive at the place where you want to fly the drone you need to find a flat and not inclined surface. This requirement is important to perform a correct setup of the drone without generating imbalances in the sensor setting that will determine the stability of the flight.

9. Place the drone on the ground and move the switch located on the belly of the drone to “ON”.

10. Start the App and connect your smartphone via Wifi with the drone. If you have done everything correctly you will immediately see what is captured by the drone's camera, located in the front position!

11. Secure your smartphone on the remote control using the special support.

12. To calibrate the sensor you will need to perform the operations described on page 6 of the instruction booklet which involve a series of movements of the levers on the remote control / controller / joypad.

You are ready for take off! :-)

13. My advice to perform the first take-off is to ... simply press the L2 button for about 1 second: your drone will automatically lift off the ground a couple of meters and will wait for your commands!

14. Pilot the drone by acting on the two controller levers as described on page. 8, 9 and 10 of the instruction booklet. Always move the levers very slowly and become familiar with the drone without haste. Avoid giving in to the temptation to make him raise too many meters before you have acquired a good familiarity.

15. The left stick on the remote control is the one that will make your drone raise or lower. In case of emergency, you can still hold down the L2 and R2 keys at the same time to immediately stop the flight (with relative fall of the drone to be taken into account! :-)

16. By simply clicking on the appropriate icons of your drone you can take pictures or shoot videos of what is captured in real time by the drone!

My drone in flight at a height of about ten meters

Cheap drone SKYHunter: dimensions

The economic drone SKYHunter is a compact and foldable drone so as to ensure the minimum bulk:

  • folded measures 12cm long x 9.5cm wide x 5.5cm high.
  • open measures 29cm x 29cm wide x 9cm high

SKYHunter cheap drone: impressions and comments

Flying the SKYHunter drone and seeing the video footage of the camera in real time on the screen of your smartphone is really fun! Here is a short video shot in my first test flight where you can also see some 360 ​​° rotation tests.

The possibility of taking pictures is also fun "selfie "from the drone or in general to shoot aerial photos, here is an example ...

A selfie I took during the test flight of the SKYHunter drone

I also appreciated being able to get the drone and make it stay still stabilized by acting on a single button. The maneuverability is also excellent, when compared to drones that I had previously tested that had seemed too reactive to me.

The definitely the point of improvement of this drone is the resolution of the video camera which as you may have noticed from the video and photos posted above is very low.

However, I would like to remind you that the SKYHunter drone costs only 52 Euro so it must be conceived as a "toy drone”Suitable for beginners, great for learning how to fly a drone by acquiring the right sensitivity before moving on to more advanced models, with high-resolution cameras and cameras but also on sale at prices at least 10 times higher!

If you want to read more technical information and possibly order it here is the link to the Amazon page.

Video: The BEST Low Cost DRONES for BEGINNERS part 2 - My Recommendations (June 2022).


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