Pigs reared outdoors

Pigs reared outdoors

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Pigs raised outdoors:how much space is needed, how to manage pig feeding and how to distribute the space of an outdoor pig farm.

Thatoutdoorsit is the easiest way of farming. When ipigsthey are raised in the wild, it is not necessary to manage reproduction, everything happens more or less independently and we start from weaned piglets. Those who prefer can manage the fattening phase outdoors in order to obtain fattened and ready pigs within seven to eight months.

You have to choose whether the animals are destined for slaughter or for delicatessen. Based on this choice,breedingit will be managed in a specific way and you will choose what type of nutrition to administer.

How to start an outdoor pig farm

Breeders recommend buying piglets in the spring, already weaned, and starting breeding at the same time, before the seasonal temperatures increase. By introducing pigs in the spring, they have a way of adapting to the environment without experiencing excessive weight loss.

It is always recommended to choose a breed typical of the area or region in which you intendraise pigs outdoors. If, on the other hand, there is no breed, you can buy hybrids from another origin or from abroad.

How much space do you need to raise pigs outdoors

The land intended forbreeding pigs in the wildmust be divided into two grazing areas, one to be used for reproduction and one to be dedicated to feeding.

The entire area must be fenced with mobile networks and / or electrified wires. For all information, please refer to the pagepower grid for animals.

For abreedingof 20-25pigsto be greased, it is necessary to have an area of ​​10,000 m2. Ideally, the company should have two plots of 10,000 m2 as, every two years, the grazing area must be made to rest with the sowing of mixtures of forage species. In this way, every two years, the pig grazing area can be alternated.

In the grazing area it is important to provide tall plants ready to provide shade.

The entire surface must be closed with wooden poles and electrical networks. In addition, the land will have to be divided internally with various enclosures, one dedicated to the new born, for weaning, one dedicated to fattening pigs and the other for breeding.

There must be an area for shelter and one with mud baths dedicated to the welfare of animals.

In theoutdoor pig farmsit is not necessary to build masonry shelters. It is possible to provide the pigs with very cheap shelters, made of wood or mobile structures. You can also make sheds, canopies or shelters with recycled material. However, keep in mind that the facilities will need to be sanitized periodically.

Feeding of pigs raised outdoors

Which feed to use for pigs raised outdoors? Unfortunately it is not possible to give an unambiguous answer. Thenutritional needsof thepigvaries according to weight and sex. To save on power costs you can grant aipigsgrazing on turf or sown areas. Consider that in aintensive farmingthe costs related to feeding the pigs constitute more than 50% of the management costs of the entire farm.

It is important that pigs reared outdoors always have fresh and clean water and feed at will.

For post-weaning pigs, up to 40 kg in weight, the feed must be given by:

  • 40 - 45% corn, flour or crushed
  • 20 - 25% of barley, flour or seed
  • 10% bran
  • 10 - 20% soy, extracted flour
  • 5-10% roasted whole soy
  • 1% yeast
  • 1.4% calcium carbonate
  • 1.1% monocalcium phosphate
  • 1% vitamin supplement

The amount of protein must increase with growth. From 40 to over 100 kg, up to 10% of protein pea is administered. For pigs placed for fattening and finishing, roasted soybeans are not provided.

From 40 kg onwards, the amount of corn drops to 30 - 35% while barley rises up to 30% as does the bran up to 15 - 18%.

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