Bruises, natural remedies

Bruises, natural remedies

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Bruises, remedies natural for rapid resorption. Unjustified bruising with no apparent cause. How long does a bruise last and useful tips to eliminate or cover it.

Following a bump, a pinch to a fall, we all have had to deal with bruises! There are some factors that can increase the likelihood of the occurrence of hematomas. If you notice unjustified bruising, consider these factors.

Nutritional deficiency

The resistance of our blood vessels is strongly conditioned by nutrition. Foods rich in bioflavonoids are excellent allies and also pay attention to calcium deficiencies.


As we age, blood vessels weaken and our skin loses its elasticity. Each bump can have more tangible consequences and it is easier to bruise.

Medical conditions

There are some medical conditions such as haemophilia and leukemia that can cause unjustified bruising. In these conditions, the blood does not clot normally and one is very susceptible to bruising.


Some drugs -even innocent like aspirin-they can make us more prone to bruising. Just like aspirin, ginkgo biloba-based supplements and oral contraceptives can also have the same effects. When a drug reduces the blood's clotting ability, it is easier to be exposed to bruising.

Sun exposure

The sun damages the skin which, weakening, loses its natural ability to protect the underlying dermis. As a result of sunburn, our skin becomes more sensitive to bruising.

How long does a bruise last?

How long does it take to resorb a bruise? The reabsorption times vary greatly both according to the intensity of the damage and according to the response of one's own organism.

On average, it takes about two weeks for a bruise to completely resorb. Five days after the bluish-black bruise appeared, thehematomait starts to take on another color, it will tend to turn towards green or yellow. After 10 days it will gradually begin to disappear, first becoming light brown and then dissolving.

How to cover a bruise with make up

Not everyone can wait two weeks for it to complete healing of the bruise. Those in a hurry can use make-up, make-up is an excellent ally to hide and cover bruises and skin spots. What to use? Concealer, foundation and, if necessary (if the bruise is on the face) a pinch of powder.

Bruises, natural remedies

In this paragraph I will report some natural remedies to quickly reabsorb the bruises.

Calendula oil

Calendula oil is an excellent remedy for treating bruises. Just make a compress to leave on for a few hours, even better if you prepare it with red clay. For all information on the application of the oil, where to buy it and its use in homeopathy, I refer you to the page: calendula oil. Is it effective? Yes, know that many of the ointments used for get rid of bruises they are based on calendula.

Red clay

The compresses with red clay firm the skin, help repair damaged skin and assist in the healing of broken capillaries. They are useful for making bruises reabsorb more quickly.

Ideally, you could prepare a pack made from two tablespoons of ventilated red clay (very fine) and calendula oil. Add as much oil as necessary to make a paste. Apply it on the hematoma and leave it on to speed up its resorption.

Red clay for cosmetic use can be found in the most well-stocked and specialized boutiques in natural remedies, or by taking advantage of online sales. An excellent red clay, also available on the web, is the ultra-ventilated one orsuper fine. On Amazon, a 200-gram pack ofUltra-ventilated Red Clay is offered at a price of 10.95 euros with free shipping costs.

Useful link from Amzon: ​​Ultra Ventilated Red Clay


This is the most effective remedy but it only works if the ice is applied just after the bump, when the skin is sore and the bruise has not yet formed.

Epsom bath

A relaxing bath, based on epsom salts, will help you relax the muscles and reabsorb any bruises. For all the information I refer you to the page: go up epsom.