Fire blight

Fire blight

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How to fight fire blight: all the instructions to recognize and counter the bacteriosis caused by Erwinia amylovora, better known as blight fire. Specific remedies for the different plants affected.

Thefire blightit is a very common plant disease and very difficult to fight.

Which plants are at risk?

Bacteriosis is caused by Erwinia amylovora which attacks a large number of plants, without distinction between ornamental, fruit, rosacea species ... To summarize, we report a very concise list.

  • Rosaceae, 150 different species in 37 different genera.
  • Fruit plants, among these we remember:
    - blight of the apple tree fire
    - fire blight of the pear tree
    - fire blight of the quince
    - medlar fire blight ...
  • Ornamental plants, among these we remember:
    - hawthorn blight fire
    - fire blight of the cotoneaster (quince)
    - fire blight of the piracanta
    - blight of the blight of the zero
    - blight of the rowan
    - photinia fire blight
    - blight of the boy

If, in your garden, a plant has been affected by this bacteriosis, it is advisable to carry out treatments on all plants at risk, even if healthy.

How the disease spreads

At the end of winter, come on cancerspresent on the affected plant, a "bacterial exudate" is emitted, it is an infectious substance that contains millions of bacteria and which, thanks to rain, wind and humidity, can remain active in the air and be transmitted even after a few kilometer. Hence, from the plants affected by thefire blightnew infections are transmitted.

The bacteriumErwinia amylovora penetrates the plant through wounds. A plant can scratch as a result of a hail, but also from the cuts of the same pruning or as a result of the collection of fruits or leaf fall. Even the use of infected phobics can contribute to the spread of the disease, for this reason it is advisable to sterilize any material following use.

How to disinfect pruning shears

Fordisinfect garden scissorsthe use of professional metal disinfectants is required. Choose an alcohol-based surgical disinfectant benzalkonium chloride. Disinfectants of this type can be found in pharmacies or on Amazon. On Amazon, a one-liter bottle is offered at a price of 16.45 euros with shipping costs included in the price.

How to use it? Immerse the blades of the scissors in the disinfectant liquid and leave them on for 2 minutes. In this way, any residual bacterial exudate and infectious substances will be eliminated.

For all information on the product mentioned, please refer to the Amazon page: alcoholic disinfectant for irons. You will notice that it is a disinfectant for medical use but the active ingredient is thebenzalkonium chloride, perfect for annihilating any bacterial load, even the one that causes thefire shot of plants.

Fire blight, symptoms

Therediseaseit's easy to to recognize by characteristic symptoms. Bacteriosis manifests itself with symptoms that are widespread in all organs of the plant: buds, flowers, leaves, fruits, branches and stem.

Leaves, flowers and buds take on an aspect typical of the vegetation damaged by fire. That's where the name comes from!

You can notice:

  • Sprouts and leaves that become dark and dry look damaged by fire but it is actually the bacterium that causes them damage.
  • Shoots often fold into a hook, curl up.
  • The fruits can present rot and fall prematurely.
  • On the woody parts (branches and stems) gods appearcancers,irregularly shaped growths. If you try to remove the cancer with the underlying layer of bark, you will notice that under the tissue it has become reddish-olive.

How to fight the fire blast

Periodically check the affected plant (and all nearby plants!), As infected branches appear they must be cut. Remove and burn the infected parts. The branches must be cut at least 70 cm below the canker, so it may be necessary to cut the entire branch away.

This disease is very difficult to eradicate and if it attacks the main stem, the plant can hardly be recovered. Simultaneously with the removal of the affected organs, carry out preventive treatments on the infected plant and on all plants at risk. For the treatment to combat the blight of the plants, you can use products based on copper.

You can use copper oxychloride at a dose of 800 gr. for 100 liters of water. Copper oxychloride can be bought at agricultural consortia, garden centers or by exploiting Amazon once again

On Amazon a 5 kg package of 50% copper oxychloride can be bought at a price of 43.50 euros with free shipping. For more information, you can visit the Amazon page: 50% copper oxychloride.

If you already have Bordeaux mixture at home, you can use it in doses of 1.5 kg in 100 liters of water. The treatment must be performed in the period of leaf fall and bud break.

Please note, after cutting the branches, it is of fundamental importance to disinfect the blades of the pruning shears.

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