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PetsFestival 2017

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PetsFestival 2017, ready for the fifth edition, at the door, to be marked on the calendar for 21 and 22 October. Animal lovers, onlookers, families and groups of friends, all at the fairgrounds in Piacenza Expo because the PetsFestival has news for everyone and the quality it offers has made it become theevent dedicated to the world of pets, the most important and largest in Italy.

You can't miss it! For companies it is an opportunity to introduce themselves to a public attentive to the animal world, from all over Italy, which in turn finds, tests, sees and knows the latest industry news and the most innovative and original proposals. Dogs are also welcome, a PetsFestival, the respective owners can also entrust them to the appropriate service of dog sitting provided on site.

Pets Festival 2017: numbers and news

To accommodate the 35,000 visitors scheduled for the fifth edition, the PetsFestival prepares with over 350 exhibitors hosted in an exhibition space with two external tensile structures for a total of 22,000 covered square meters, parking spaces have naturally increased, the food village area has more proposals, more original and more vegetarian, the program includes new equestrian and dog shows not to mention what will happen in the pavilion dedicated to country.

Those who love books, in addition to animals, will find al PetsFestival a big library full of selected titles and pet-friendly: manuals, guides but also novels and short stories with animal protagonists.

PetsFestival 2017: what to see

Arrived at Pets Festival 2017 it will be difficult to decide where to go when faced with the various areas that spark interest and curiosity. Between aquariology, ornithology, dogs, cats, ferrets, horses, reptiles and country you can take the time to reflect while walking in the 1,000 m2 gallery full of plants fat, bonsai, orchids and floral curiosities.

In 400 square meters of hall 1 there are dogs also engaged in dog demonstrations and shows of disc dog, dog dance, sheepdog with geese and parades of breeds. Aesthetic side on all fours, there will be grooming demonstrations and the "Dog Movie Casting”Where to nominate your dog to become a movie and TV star. In the same pavilion there is also thefalconry area where you can admire various specimens of diurnal and nocturnal birds of prey and find out about accessories and ad hoc feeds.

Moving on to hall 2, you will meet the ferrets also protagonists of the Ferret Beauty Show, dedicated beauty contest, and cats of every existing breed or almost. In the area for small pets dwarf rabbits, Peruvian guinea pigs, African hedgehogs and small birds, well separated from the reptiles even if some are harmless, just think of the small turtles and some saurians.

We jump to hall 4, in one of the external tensile structures, to meet horses and other stable and farmyard animals, including dwarf pigs today intended as pets although not quite conventional, for now. After a lunch break or a snack in hall 5, you can visit the second external tensile structure, hall 6, all and only in country style: food, dance, stands, clothing, accessories, and music. A real leap into the America of the time.

PetsFestival 2017: competitions and exhibitions

To the PetsFestival 2017 you don't have fun just wandering around the pavilions in search of curiosities, news or accessories, or new life companions from the animal world. There are also initiatives and competitions hosted here and there that will leave visitors speechless and with something to tell those who stayed at home.

In the aquarium area, hall 1, the competition of Aquascaping with experts engaged in setting up micro-scenographies for aquariums, and also the Betta Show, an exhibition dedicated to fighting fish with hundreds of specimens to be observed live, in the tank, thanks to theItalian Association of Betta Splendens. Dedicated to another fish, the Oranda, there is then theOranda Show, to know the splendid varieties born from the common carassius auratus, even from 1000 euros per specimen.

PetsFestival 2017: friends

The PetsFestival 2017 makes use of important collaborations all for the benefit of its visitors and those who want to know, respect and admire animals. Not just cats and dogs, respectfully speaking! Thanks to the agreement with Turtles Beach, exhibition of turtles scheduled on 23 and 24 September in Cesena, those who visit one o'clock have a 2 euro discount on the Pets Festival 2017.

The bookshop for pet addicted that we have already mentioned, which is preparing to be the largest bookstore in Italy dedicated to the world of animals, is the result of an agreement with Prontolibri. Another special presence, with a dedicated stand, will be that of Navar, the hero dog of rescuing passengers on the Costa Concordia ship stranded at Giglio in 2012.

For more information, visit the PetsFestival official website

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