Pay attention to the aroma and taste of food

Pay attention to the aroma and taste of food

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On Wednesdays at noon, I look for my little granddaughters after school and bring them home to eat together. Boys and girls flock out hungry after a busy day's work. All the people who look for the children bring them some food that they devour with relish and entertain them until they get home to eat.

I observe with alarm that most of the alleged foods are snack bags whose content, in addition to not having any nutritional value, contain additives intended to produce a flavor and aroma that mask this nutritional deficiency, additives that are also toxic and addictive. "Can't you just one?", Recognizes some advertising. Other supposed foods are buns and sweets that meet conditions similar to those described

Below I transcribe a summary that I have taken from Dr. Mércola's page,, in which he develops in detail the chemical and industrial process responsible for many of the conditions, ailments and diseases that the world population suffers from, particularly childhood.

Animals instinctively select the foods they need to correct their nutritional deficiencies based on their reaction to taste; Humans are gifted with a similar chemical sensing ability, which is now captivated by artificially flavored foods.

The taste experience requires more gray matter than any other sensory experience, and most of the human genome involves the process of creating the nose. So from an evolutionary perspective, this chemical sensing ability seems particularly important.

Taste is an indicator of the nutritional density of foods. Artificial flavor technology has led to radical deterioration in food quality, as it can easily mask the taste of substandard ingredients with chemicals.

By using flavored chemicals, foods can now be produced that have virtually no nutritional value; however, the excellent taste and aroma mislead consumers into thinking they are consuming a healthy food.

Artificial flavors promote obesity by prompting you to eat foods that you would not normally want to eat, and in larger amounts than normal.

If you adhere to a healthy lifestyle, you most likely will not need to take medication.

By Juan Pundik

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