Materials with recycled corks

Materials with recycled corks

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These planter with recycled material are ideal for decorating small spaces, souvenir gifts… Today we will see a very original way to create mini planter with wine corks; it is very simple and gives very good results.


  • Wine bottle cork
  • Knife or screwdriver
  • Earth
  • Succulent baby or another easy plant.

Step by Step

The first thing you have to do is take the cork and make a hole with the knife, try to do it with circular movements, it is much easier this way.

Then you just have to plant the succulent baby by adding the soil to the inside of the hole

And ready! It is very simple and you can decorate any corner of your house or garden.


The amount of water for irrigation is one or two drops every 2 or 3 days, depending on where it is and the amount of sunlight that hits it.

Also, you must transplant it after a month, maximum two, so that in this way your baby plant can grow better in more space. Cut out a small wedge and plant it back in the cork.

This is how my succulentitas look in the corks! I hope you dare to do it and remember, the best materials are recycled.

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