Solar storm will affect the Earth in the coming days

Solar storm will affect the Earth in the coming days

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Confirmed by scientists, the solar storm that will affect the Earth the week of August 20, could generate failures in power systems and bring problems in space satellites.

In addition to the storm, scientists will also present a series of disturbances in the Earth's magnetic field between 17 and 21 of this month.

According to scientists, magnetic storms of this magnitude could cause failures in power systems, problems with space satellites, and cause Northern Lights at altitudes of more than 60 degrees.

These types of storms also affect human beings, causing headaches, nervousness, irritability, exhaustion or anxiety. However, the intensity of this magnetic storm does not generate a greater risk (being the magnitude G5 the highest).

It is worth mentioning that it is totally normal for the Earth to pass through currents of the solar wind from time to time. This phenomenon is registered when solar activity is minimal. In this period, the Sun's magnetic field becomes weaker and loses the ability to retain plasma near its surface.

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