A school that replaces punishment with meditation

A school that replaces punishment with meditation

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Robert W. School The results are excellent!

In the 21st century, the vast majority of educational establishments punish or sanction children when they behave improperly. But this school proposes to innovate and be based on understanding to reduce the bad behavior of its students.

Meditation has replaced going out into the hall, expulsions, visits to management, reprimands, etc. the idea is to invite them to meditate, to connect with themselves and reflect on what happened. The results have been surprising, no more students are suspended.

Mindful Moment Room: meditation instead of punishment

A group of specialists designed the Mindful Moment Room: a specially conditioned room where the child can sit down to breathe, meditate and chat with a consultant. This specialized room is part of the project of the non-profit organization Holistic Life Foundation, which aims to empower the Baltimore community through yoga, themindfulness and self-care practices. As they say on their website:

The Mindful Moment Room is an oasis of calm that is available all the time during the day.

Children can use the Mindful Moment Room also on their own initiative, when they deem it necessary, not only when they have “misbehaved”. In this way, they become more aware of their emotions and how to channel them.

At theMindful Moment Room,15 minute meditation sessions are added before class.

Holistic Life Foundation

The Holistic Live Foundation provided consulting services to create the program at Robert W. Coleman School, as well as other schools in Baltimore, one of the most dangerous cities in the country. The task is not easy, since they not only face the daily lives of children in schools, but also urban and family environments of violence and precariousness that affect the psyche of children.

For more than 10 years, the Foundation has been offering the “Holistic Self” program as an extracurricular activity to elementary school children, through concentration exercises and yoga.

Another advantage is that children take so much ownership of meditation that they extend it to their homes. In an interview, the co-founder of the Holistic Life Foundation, Andrés González, said: “We have had mothers who have told us:“ I came home the other day stressed, and my daughter said, “Hey, mom, it's necessary to sit down. I'm going to teach you how to breathe. "

Initiatives like this demonstrate the appropriateness of meditation in our times

Meditation can be taken as a passing fad or a “hippiesBut the truth is that it is a key to a more conscious and humane future. Through millenary practices such as yoga, we can think and build the education that the future needs: a more human one, in which a mind-body pedagogy is worked, and in which the understanding and regulation of emotions is what more important. Because in this way children are taught that the most important thing is to inhabit the present with peace and happiness - as the children of India already know, a country where happiness is part of the curricula in many schools.

Science-backed meditation

We don't need science to tell us, but even Harvard neuroscientists like Sara Lazar have proven how continuous meditation practicemindfulness helps strengthen emotions and regulate stress, among many other benefits.

There's a lot to ponder over inspiring examples like this one. Not only in regard to the schools of the future, but also in what we can do to transform our reality and to educate our children at home. Because teaching the little ones to meditate is possible, and the benefits will be permanent.

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