Around 400 buffalo drowned in the Chobe River

Around 400 buffalo drowned in the Chobe River

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Around 400 buffalo drowned in the Chobe River after a stampede along the Botswana-Namibia border.

This river in is one of thetributaries largest riverZambezi, the fourth by its length of the entireAfrican continent, where only the Nile, the Congo and the Niger surpass it and there large populations ofgiraffeelephant andAfrican buffalo, among many other species, choose their basin as an enclave to live.

In general, rivers are synonymous with an explosion of life. But this time the water became a death trap, leaving about 400 dead buffalo on the banks of the Chobe River.

The Botswana and Namibian authorities opened an investigation to clarify what happened and the hypothesis is being considered that the cattle fell into the water when they tried to flee from a group of hungry lions that wanted to hunt them. They died due to the massive trampling of the remaining buffalo as they fell from the river banks.

“Unfortunately, during their attempt to escape and when they reached the Namibian side, the river bank was steep, so they couldn't get out and ended up drowning. This is an unfortunate incident, since we lost so much wildlife, which is our heritage, at the same time, ”said the spokesman for the Ministry of the Environment, Romeo Muyunda.

The corpses of the buffaloes will be gradually removed from the river bank and donated to the residents of the nearby towns so that they can use them as food. Although many of them are already doing it on their own initiative.

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