Italy already has fireworks without noise so as not to disturb the animals at the Holidays

Italy already has fireworks without noise so as not to disturb the animals at the Holidays

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By decree, in Parma, Italy, the use of any type of pyrotechnics that emits noise and explosions is prohibited. Only those that meet technical specifications of silent are allowed in order not to disturb the animals during the Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations.

The municipality of Collecchio tries to rescue the joy of the celebrations with the majesty that the lights and colors give in the sky, but considering the noise that they cause in pets.

The authorities warned that they will be extremely strict in the matter although it will allow the traditional fireworks to continue to be used, but with limitations that allow "enjoying the color that they project in the sky while respecting the animals", while it is recognized that these suffer a lot of stress from the noise and explosions.

The municipality has uploaded a video on YouTube where it is exemplified how you can enjoy a real fireworks party without the inconvenience or inconvenience of noise and explosions.

The consequences for pets

There are animals whose hearing capacity is more sensitive than that of the human being, therefore, the damage that fireworks can cause in them can range from stress, tachycardia, daze, heart problems and fear. The number of decibels generated by fireworks can exceed what a dog could withstand, for example.

Dogs, cats and birds can react in different ways to the noise and put their lives at risk, not knowing where it comes from. Specialists recommend owners to put wax plugs to protect them.

Also cats and animals in general, tend to suffer from the problem that is generates in addition to "acoustic stress" a whole series of immediate affectations, some of which can even lead to death.

It is important to remember that every year dozens of animals disappear from their homes frightened by the explosions, some are lost and others are run over in the streets.

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