10 demands for an energy system founded on justice and energy sovereignty

10 demands for an energy system founded on justice and energy sovereignty

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Friends of the Earth International's “Energy Sovereignty NOW” manifesto outlines positive steps that will accelerate the transition to a climate just world.

In 2018 climate change was felt in every corner of the planet - and people are looking for solutions.

Energy Sovereignty It is already the Friends of the Earth International manifesto for a just transformation of our energy system, based on 10 demands. It is the culmination of several years of dialogue, research and movement building on all continents, with our member groups and our allies and allies.

It represents our renewed commitment to building the system that the peoples and the planet need. It is a testament to a world that is not only possible but is already about to come true. We are ready for a world founded on justice and sustainability.

People everywhere are already building that world; Indigenous peoples and communities in resistance have long put these values ​​into practice. Now we need to build popular power, together, to change systems and make climate justice and energy sovereignty a reality.

Each of these demands poses a positive measure that will accelerate the transition to a climate just world. We will use the manifesto as a mobilization tool. It will be a source of inspiration. We will present it in local meetings in communities, in our advocacy work at the national level and in global mobilizations. It will help us to take a step forward in any space where solutions are demanded, in such a way that we can guarantee that the microphone is in the hands of the communities in resistance. It will displace and silence calls for false solutions and dangerous distractions.

Download the Manifesto here

“There are people around the world who are already living or implementing thousands of initiatives that materialize justice and question the capitalist logic. It is time to extend and multiply them. The dimension of the crises we face requires a change in the system, and this change in the system will lead to the creation of sustainable societies and new relationships between human beings, and between human beings and nature, based on equality and reciprocity. "

By Karin Nansen, President of Friends of the Earth International

Climate Justice Now! Energy Sovereignty Now!

Video: 2020 Sovereign Nations Conference: The Great Awokening (June 2022).


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