Real estate business in the only Albúfera de Argentina, Biosphere Reserve

Real estate business in the only Albúfera de Argentina, Biosphere Reserve

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The Self-convened Neighbors of Mar Chiquita speak of “environmental tragedy”. They are on alert to defend the “Mar Chiquito” Atlantic Park Biosphere Reserve of the UNESCO MaB (Man and the Biosphere) program, and all the different layers of Reserve that protect that space.

“In the area of ​​the MaB Reserve, which we share with enormous biodiversity and contains the only lagoon in the country, work began in 2011 to implement what began to be sold as the“ Lagos del Mar Nautical District ”, carrying out soil movements that affected both to the lagoon mirror as to the wetland where it intends to be built ”, detailed the members of“ Autoconvocados de Mar Chiquita ”.

In a brief review, these gave the events that have been happening since then:

- A precautionary measure in 2015 paralyzed the undertaking, given that it did not have the Environmental Impact Statement that must be issued prior to the start of any work among many other irregularities.

- Not happy with it, the developers renamed the place "Eco Barrio Lagos del Mar" and sought to clear their responsibility for the damage already caused to the environment.

- The National University of Mar del Plata indicated in a report that the urbanization project called “Lagos del Mar” will generate negative effects of various kinds:

1) Increased risk of flooding due to disturbance of wetlands (filling, elevation of heights, waterproofing, compaction).

2) Elimination, reduction and fragmentation of the Pampean grassland.

3) Alteration of the quality and quantity of water, both underground and surface:

3.a.) Increase in the eutrophication of the surface waters of the lagoon due to the entry of nutrients. Eutrophication is the most important water pollution process in lakes, rivers, reservoirs, etc. This process is caused by the excess of nutrients in the water, mainly nitrogen and phosphorus, coming mainly from human activity. 3.b.) Salinization of groundwater due to excess extraction from the water table.
3.c.) Contamination of water (surface and underground) by different chemical compounds.

4) Introduction of exotic species.

4.a.) Plant species, 4.b.) Increase in available areas for invasive alien species already introduced ("bumpy" worm, Ficopomatus enigmaticus) that reduce the natural channel of the Albufera, increasing the flooded areas.

- In March 2018, the Precautionary Judge ordered (among other issues) that the Municipality carry out monitoring of the entire Reserve area to assess the environmental impact, work that it has not done.

- Last Tuesday, January 22, 2019, the Marchiquitense Deliberative Council approved the Ordinance that assigns extra-urban zoning, "which we consider inappropriate without the report and the Environmental Impact Statement that the Judge requires," clarify the neighbors.

The current claim

“That is why we publicly ask in the Assembly the Mayor Carlos Ronda to reconsider and veto the Ordinance, and the Governor of our Province to analyze the reports of the National University of Mar del Plata and CONICET on the property, do not validate this Ordinance, deny the Declaration of Environmental Impact that the developers require extemporaneously after having caused serious modifications to the environment, in order to safeguard the environment of a protected natural area and the population of the Mar Chiquita Park Spa, since the modifications in the wetland they have a direct impact on the ability to absorb excess water, increasing the risk of floods, ”they said in a statement.

"We consider the authorization of this type of real estate development in Natural Reserve areas to be a disastrous precedent, because it opens the door for their multiplication in a space destined to preserve biodiversity and protect environments of vital importance for human development" .

"There is no environmental tragedy that has not been announced"

“The policy must consider that beyond the proprietary rights, the use of the land must respect not only the surface, allowed population density, construction factors on it, but the underlying layers, water tables and aquifers, the air space above them and the effect that such use has on the spaces and beings close to them. And all this urgently. Before we have to mourn the loss of more lives, more biodiversity, and irreversible changes in the air, water and soil that will make subsistence increasingly difficult ”.

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