A drop in the ocean. We are in good hands, ours

A drop in the ocean. We are in good hands, ours

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A Drop In The Ocean is a groundbreaking documentary about the adverse impacts of human activity on the world's oceans and the practical steps people can take to mitigate these impacts.

Filmed entirely in Australia, and using an audience-friendly format, it focuses on the three biggest challenges to ocean health and offers three practical and viable solutions. The future of the planet is in good hands… ours.

New movie suggests a change in the ocean; drop by drop

A new documentary about you, me and the future of our environment that will change the game.

A drop in the ocean highlights three potentially catastrophic impacts of human activity on the oceans and our health:

  • Plastics: think of the changing Pacific, the impacts on marine life, the poisoning.
  • Pesticides: think agricultural activity, its impacts on reefs, dead zones, toxins / metals in the food chain
  • Excessive consumption: think of a reduction in biodiversity, the collapse of fisheries, the loss of food reserves

In response to this deadly troika of environmental hazards, the film raises three possible solutions:

  • Hemp- the latest easy-to-grow natural fiber, used for centuries before plastics
  • Organic agriculture - cultivation without pesticides or low in them, polycultural plantation
  • Smart shopping: sustainable seafood options, conscious shoppers, greening grocery shopping

By linking human activity on land (agriculture, consumption) with oceanic impacts (fisheries depletion, pollution) and thus back to us (food sources, climate change), A Drop In The Ocean se connect the dots and underline its central thesis: the disconnection between us and nature has created a huge imbalance; One that threatens to literally see us off the planet, or to death.

The solution, therefore, is reconnection, and that journey begins with you and me. We are the little drops that together make up the ocean that we all depend on.

However, rather than focusing on large-scale political action, A Drop in The Ocean focuses on how we can all help by changing our purchasing decisions and consumption patterns. In other words, green action through what we buy and do.

A Drop In The Ocean is the story of small changes that make big changes.

Using the panel presentation format, A Drop In The Ocean will directly engage key and targeted communities, both urban and rural.

As an example, the first panel exhibition event was screened in St. Kilda at the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron on July 29, 2015. It focused on plastics and wasteful consumption, in a densely populated urban community that lives on the beach. .

As the July 2015 event in St Kilda demonstrates, growers were able to leverage their existing networks within the green space to put together a mini “who's who” of Australia-based environmental action.
Graz van Egmond: CEO - Banksia Foundation
Neil Blake, OAM: Baykeeper - Port Phillip EcoCentre
Kristen Jackson: Vice President - Parks & Leisure Australia
Dr. Paul Sinclair: Director of Environmental Campaigns - Australian Conservation Foundation
Ian Walker: Director of Conservation - Conservation Volunteers Australia
Judith Alcorn: Director of Waste Management - University of Melbourne
Peter McLean: CEO - Keep Australia Beautiful

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