An App revolutionizes the collection of commercial waste for recycling

An App revolutionizes the collection of commercial waste for recycling

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New York-based startup Recycle Track Systems (RTS) is helping revolutionize the way commercial waste is collected, sorted, and recycled.

Nicknamed the “Uber of trash,” RTS works with local and independent carriers by equipping their vehicles with proprietary routing technology. This streamlines collection routes, as well as allowing vehicles and collection sites to remain in constant communication via text messages and email.

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Organizations like restaurants, schools and supermarkets can dispose of their business waste easier, smarter and more responsibly.

The company was founded in 2014 by Gregory Lettieri and Adam Pasquale, and to date, it has raised more than $ 11 million in investment capital and has attracted more than 500 clients. These clients include the Pierre Hotel, Soul Cycle, WeWork and Whole Foods.

What exactly does RTS offer its customers?

Well, its main offering is a software platform and associated mobile application. This technology allows customers to schedule on-demand or regular pickups of their business waste (for example, food waste, electronic waste, or reusable items such as furniture).

With food waste, RTS aims to bring this directly to farms to compost. With plastic-contaminated waste, RTS takes it to a special facility for cleaning.

You might be surprised to learn that RTS does not own any garbage trucks. Instead, the company partners with carriers, who receive tablets loaded with RTS software. However, RTS owns and provides waste and recycling containers to its customers.

The company's software platform enables detailed waste diversion metrics, such as:

  • how much it was diverted from a landfill
  • where was
  • when he got there

This enables clients to track and advance their sustainability goals using verifiable data.

In addition to their smart pickup service, a company expert is also available to teach customers how to be more sustainable.

Currently, RTS offers its services in Baltimore, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC, and the company is certified by B Corp for its responsible business practices and recognized as “Best for the Environment” on the B Lab list. in 2018.

To learn more about RTS and its innovative services, visit their website.

By Craig J Todd: Freelance writer with a passion for technology, trends, and simplicity.

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