Glue stains, how can they be removed?

Glue stains, how can they be removed?

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The glue stains they are certainly a big problem for all those who would like to have the surfaces of furniture, fabrics and other objects ... free of adhesives and other impurities.

However, it is good to give due credit to things!

To make things come together with each other, the glue has its beneficial uses. And we could hardly do without glue in our work or for our DIY projects.

In the face of this advantage - as suggested by our focus today - there is however a big problem. A glue stain on your clothes leaves you with a sticky situation that is often difficult to get out of.

But let's not despair. First, try to consult the glue packaging to understand if there are any specific instructions for removing this adhesive.

In case there are no instructions that you can easily follow ... follow the advice below, starting with letting the glue dry and then carefully removing the excess with a knife.

At this point, you will only need a container for soaking, and a special liquid detergent for removing glue stains. In other cases, you may get great results by rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover to pre-treat the surface.

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How to remove "simple" glue stains

Let's start with understanding how to remove the simplest glue stains.

As we already introduced a few lines ago, the first step you need to take is to remove any excess glue. So scrape off the excess adhesive from the garment with a fork or a butter knife, being careful not to tear the fabric.

Then, proceed with the soaking. Soak the garment in cold water for 5 minutes, and then proceed to remove the glue again which, at that point, should have loosened. Repeat this until the glue can no longer be removed.

And if you want to get even more effective results, try to buy a special device for removing stains and glue. On the package you will certainly find the instructions to correctly use the right doses to achieve your results. In principle, it will be sufficient to pour the detergent into the dispenser and then add it to some water.

Again, put the garment in the washing machine with other items. Wash with your usual cycle, at the hottest washing temperature indicated. Always check the instructions on the garment label to avoid mistaking the washing cycle.

When the wash cycle is complete, remove the items from the washing machine.

If the stain remains, repeat the previous steps.

How to remove stubborn glue stains

But how to remove stubborn glue stains?

In this case, things are a bit more difficult. You can certainly count on superglue to fix pretty much anything, but if you happen to have it on your clothes ... things change, and not a little!

It is true that there is no need to panic, but it is also true to take into consideration the fact that in order to remove strong glue stains, you must use alcohol or nail polish to pre-treat the surface. However, do not try this treatment on delicate fabrics!

But let's proceed step by step:

  • let the glue dry and then carefully scrape off the excess, as we have already done in the previous paragraph;
  • perform a color fastness test: apply the solvent on an inconspicuous area of ​​the garment with a cotton swab, and let it rest for 1 - 3 minutes before applying a paper towel to the area. If you do not notice any loss of color on the paper towel, then it means that the garment is resistant to color and that you can continue to pre-treat;
  • apply alcohol to rub the stain gently with a cotton cloth. Rub the stain from the outside to the inside to avoid spreading it, and continue until the strong glue has been removed.

After the excess glue is removed, pour the stain remover directly onto the glue residue making sure to completely cover the area. Let it sit for the indicated time in order to loosen the stain. Continue washing as usual following the steps we have already described.

How to remove chewing gum from clothes

We take the opportunity to understand how remove chewing gum from clothes.

If the gum is dry, scrape off as much of the substance as possible with a butter knife. If you are not dealing with a delicate fabric, you can also try to use a solvent such as alcohol or nail polish to loosen the gum on the garment.

After removing the excess gum, pre-treat the stain with the stain remover. You can pour it directly onto the stain and let it sit for 20 minutes. Continue washing as usual following the directions above.

Remember that when dealing with the glue stain on your clothes:

  • you need to let the glue dry before rubbing to avoid smearing it further into the fibers;
  • you must let the glue dry naturally, since the application of heat hardens the stain.

First check the fabric content of your garment and the label before trying to use a solvent to remove the glue. Be sure to test the color fastness of the garment and do not try these solutions on delicate fabrics.


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