Granola: what it is and benefits

Granola: what it is and benefits

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Not all fashions are mere marketing operations without truthful and useful bases, an example among all is that of granola, increasingly consumed in Italy as well. It is in fact one mixture of oat flakes, dried fruit and honey. Said so it seems trivial, and indeed it is, but this blend manages to be very effective for our health. It is usually eaten for breakfast, and there fills you with energy, it is nutritious and does not weigh us down. If we want, we can eat it when we want it but it is better to do so since it is important for the nutritional balance of our body.

Granola: what it is

The main ingredients of this mix are cereals, dried fruit, seeds and dehydrated fruit. This is not muesli, very interesting food but which fails to replicate the benefits of our granola that is baked in the oven.

This food is a lot known in Australia and in general in Anglo-Saxon countries but lately it is spreading also in Italy and in other countries where one usually has breakfast with something else. You can buy it, some brands are also producing and selling it here, or you can prepare it at home. You need a base of oat flakes to be enriched with other ingredients including dried fruit to taste and dehydrated fruit, with seeds, especially sunflower. Before cooking it we must wrap it in a honey syrup. To consume it we can put it in milk or yogurt, but there are also those who munch on it without anything, as a snack.

A advantage of granola is that it is suitable for everyone, adults and children, and using a little sugar it is also perfect for those with intolerances or on a diet because, despite being very nutritious, it contains a lot of fiber and regulates sugar intake.

Granola: physical benefits

This food from numerous physical benefits, both specific and general. Let's start with the generals. It provides a lot of energy and helps us fight tiredness and fatigue, but also stress. It can be a good ally in moments of convalescence or if you suffer from ailments such as fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue.

With all the fibers it has, it protects the intestine and ensures its optimal functioning, it also prevents constipation and other possible ailments, especially if you drink a lot of water during the day, to better digest the fibers. In addition to the intestine, it is also good for the liver thanks to the amino acids it contains, it is able to protect it from the effects of poor nutrition, smog and negative emotions.

Our immune defenses increase, with granola, which makes us healthier and less attackable. This is a very important aspect, especially in certain periods of the year that may be more stressful for us, such as those of season change or job change, exams, etc ...

Thanks to the presence of oats, rich in minerals, especially iodine, granola affects the functioning of the thyroid gland and helps us to prevent and treat hypothyroidism in a natural way, also relieving some related symptoms such as hair loss, fatigue, a tendency to gain weight. Among the mineral salts present, we also find calcium, very precious for the bones. If we want to make a powerful granola in this sense, we abound with sesame and almonds to prevent osteoporosis and strengthen both bones and teeth

If, on the other hand, we prepare an ad hoc granola, with little sugar, or even totally sugar-free, it can also help keep cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood at bay naturally.

Granola: dietary benefits

It is very filling granola and also regulates blood sugar levels. This is why it is perfect in the morning and is used a lot by those who want lose weight naturally. Even those who do not need to change their weight can find many interesting advantages in this recipe. Thanks to all the minerals and vitamins it contains, this granola is good for the skin and hair.

Granola: psychological benefits

Well yes, eat this blend of dried and non-dried fruit, with seeds, it is also good for the mood. The key ingredients for this are seeds and nuts, because they balance the nervous system and fight anxiety, nervousness, stress or depression. That's not all: granola also acts on our brain and keeps it young, because it is rich in antioxidants. We will no longer have too many problems with memory or concentration.

Granola: delicious recipe

For those with a sweet tooth, here is the recipe for chocolate granola, a small departure from the rule that puts you in a good mood and maintains all the benefits already listed. Those who do not have to lose weight can safely opt for this version, healthy and full of energy.
To prepare it you need:
200 gr of oat flakes
50 grams of puffed spelled
30 gr of almonds
30 gr of hazelnuts
30 gr of walnuts
30 gr of cranberries
80 gr of chocolate
50 grams of brown sugar
40 ml of rice oil
50 ml of water
1 tablespoon of honey

Let's boil the water with sugar and honey, we cut walnuts and almonds. When the water has cooled down, turn on the oven to 150 ° and prepare a baking tray with parchment paper. Now prepare the mixture, with all the listed ingredients, always mixing, first the water with the sugar and the honey and then the rice oil. Once everything is well blended, we can pour onto the pan and bake. In less than an hour it is ready and must be left to cool.

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