Underfloor heating maintenance

Underfloor heating maintenance

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The underfloor heating it is a useful and comfortable form of domestic heating.

However, many people believe that it is one innovative formula, ignoring that radiant floor heat is actually one of the older forms of control temperature in the home.

For example, it is enough to recall how the ancient Eskimos filled the stone trenches under their homes with hot smoke to heat their rooms.

Or, it may be useful to recall how the Greeks and Romans used the hypocausts, of the "ovens”Who pumped hot air into the floor and walls to heat theirs public buildings and i bathrooms. Different forms of radiant floor heating have been used for millennia up to the present day, resulting in a contemporary and more efficient overhaul.

Why use radiant floor heating

The most modern forms of radiant floor heating use water, air or electricity to heat floors, walls and sometimes even ceilings.

Thanks to these underfloor heating formulas, the home or office can remain hot without it being necessary to provide for the presence of ducts that introduce air, dust and allergens throughout the space.

Radiant floor heating provides uniform and constant temperatures and better comfort levels than other heating systems. This is because, unlike the heat of the air Forced rising and ending mostly around your ceiling or escaping through doors and windows, radiant floor heat concentrates closer to where you need it.

Considering that much less heat is wasted, radiant heat is also very energy efficient. Depending on how the space is built and insulated, radiant heat can work from 25% to 35% more efficiently than forced air heat. Most importantly, these systems can last for decades!

Maintenance of underfloor heating

Of course, the fact that these systems can last for decades shouldn't make you ignore the fact that radiant heat systems need periodic care and cleaning.

You probably already know that you will have to have your air conditioning systems cleaned and tuned every year to make them work at their best.

But since the radiant heating system On the floor it has no filters to change and no ducts to clean, you may not realize that your radiant heating system also needs to be regularly inspected and serviced.

But what needs to be done to keep it in ideal and optimal operating conditions.

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Full inspection and pressure control

The first thing to do is, of course, contact a professional with experience in radiant floor heating to carry out a thorough inspection of your system, which can be carried out together with the annual maintenance of the boilers and of other equipment.

The technician will begin by checking the pressure in your system. A radiant heating system is a closed system and should maintain a constant pressure. If the pressure is low, there is a leak in the pipes, which is problematic for several reasons:

  • if the system operates at low pressure, it does not work effectively and efficiently as it should, which increases energy consumption and consequently also the cost of energy bills;
  • if the pipes are copper, leaks can often be repaired quite easily. If they are made of steel, it may be necessary to replace the entire pipe;
  • if you have a radiant water heating system, leaking pipes lead to corrosion and rust which can mean much more serious problems.

Check the condition of the pumps and valves

The other important component that must be checked in a radiant floor heating system is the pump. Normally it works so quietly that you don't even notice it exists, but if it starts to get louder, it can be a sign of a problem that shouldn't be underestimated, and should be ascertained quickly.

Again, it will be sufficient to contact a professional, with the expert technician who will clean the pump and check the condition of the pressure release valve and the reducing valve. The failure of these valves is the main reason the pumps need to be replaced. If yours is in poor condition, then the technician can replace the parts and prevent your system from failing on the coldest day of the year!


In short, on the sidelines of this brief analysis on the need to carry out maintenance on your underfloor heating system, we can only remind you once again that taking your radiant heat will allow you to keep your home or office warm and comfortable. for many years to come.

It is therefore an operation that we advise you to include in the calendar at least once a year, and which will allow you to always maintain the goodness of the underfloor heating system at optimal levels, avoiding that small and large malfunctions may cause more serious prejudices.

In order to know more about the methods and costs of carrying out the maintenance activities of the underfloor heating system, what we recommend you do is immediately contact an expert in the sector, who will carry out a first inspection to share with you. the best steps to take to ensure maximum effectiveness of your system.

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