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Best dog bowls

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The choice ofbest bowl for your dog it is not easy because the market offers different types of models and it is not always easy to consider all the variables that lead us to identify the best product for our four-legged friend.

In this article you will find the review of four quality bowls that our editorial team has carefully tested and evaluated for you by listing strengths and weaknesses.

After the reviews, you will find a section dedicated to answering the questions that users ask themselves to evaluate the best purchase, based on our experience.

In choosing the ideal bowl for our dog we will also have to think about what we believe to be the most important factors both for us and for our four-legged friend: for example, it is possible that it is particularly important for us that the bowl is non-slip and that it does not cause scratches on the floor while for our dog it could be an essential factor to eat in maximum comfort the fact that the size of the bowl is proportionate to its size.

Pecute dog bowl - the best

There Pecute dog bowlit has a pleasant appearance that hardly clashes with the decor of your home.

The silicone saucer allows the dog not to slide it on the floor while eating, it is also very useful in not letting food and water go to the floor so that the room is always clean.

The bowl is made of corrosion resistant stainless steel and easy to remove from the silicone tray for quick and effective cleaning.

The bowl comes in two different models, one for food and one for water and is available in two sizes: the Medium (400 ml) and the Large (750 ml) but of only one color, as shown in the image placed at the beginning of the product description.

The medium size is suitable for small dogs while the large is suitable for medium sized dogs.

Together with the bowl, a measuring cup is inserted inside the package to give the right amount of food to our four-legged friend.


  • easy to wash
  • the dog does not dirty around
  • non-slip
  • available in two sizes

Points of weakness

  • only one color available
  • small bowls


€ 15.99 in size S and € 18.99 in size M, both with free shipping

Find more information about this dog bowl on this dedicated page on Amazon.

Amazon Basics Dog Bowl

There dog bowl proposed by Amazon Basicsmeasures 27 x27 x 8.8cm and has a capacity of 910ml.

This bowl is ideal for dry, wet food, sweets or water and is made of stainless steel, an excellent alternative to plastic and also does not retain odors.

The product is presented in a very classic way in a set of 2 bowls or one according to preference.

The base is made of rubber to allow your four-legged friend to eat and drink without moving the bowl, this feature also allows your floors not to be scratched.

The stainless steel composition of the bowl allows for simple and convenient washing in the dishwasher, there is no risk that the product can rust.


  • lasting over time
  • non-slip
  • leaves no odors
  • resistant to dog bites
  • it does not rust

Points of weakness

  • aesthetically banal
  • they do not have a slot to facilitate grip


11.19 euros for a two-pack, 9.49 euros for a single pack.

Both with free shipping.

Find more information about this dog bowl on this dedicated page on Amazon.

Forevy dog ​​bowl: the most convenient

There Forevy dog ​​bowl it is certainly the most comfortable thanks to the shelf at the base that allows our four-legged friend not to have to bend excessively to be able to eat and drink.

The rise provided by the shelf at the base reduces the pressure on the neck, shoulder, back and joint of our dog at mealtimes.

At the base of the shelf we find rubber pads that prevent the bowl from moving during the meal of our four-legged friend, in this way, in addition to making it easier for our dog to consume food and water, we save our floor from any scratches.

This product is very easy to clean: just remove the two stainless steel bowls from the shelf and put them in the dishwasher.

The shelf that raises the two bowls is made of high quality natural bamboo and is 100% waterproof.

The product comes in three different sizes to meet any type of dog breed.


  • non-slip
  • present in three different sizes
  • raised bowls
  • easily washable

Points of weakness

  • the dog may bite the wooden base to play with


25.99 Euro with free shipping

Find more information about this dog bowl on this dedicated page on Amazon.

COMSUN dog bowl: for traveling

There COMSUN dog bowl, in the large format, measures 18 cm wide x 6.3 cm high and can hold 700 ml of water and 3 cups of food. When folded, the bowl is 1.8cm high.

It is also possible to choose the bowl in the standard size.

This bowl, thanks to the fact that it is foldable, makes it suitable for spending weekends outdoors with your four-legged friend.

The product is made of silicone and is 100% lead and toxin free. It is also easy to rinse after use.

The bowl is non-slip and includes a carabiner that makes it easy to transport by attaching it to your travel backpack.

It is possible to choose the product in the following two versions: the first option provides a blue and a green bowl while the second option provides an orange and a yellow bowl.

These bowls are suitable for a small to medium sized dog.


  • available in different colors
  • transportable
  • folding
  • non-slip
  • easy to rinse
  • available in two sizes

Points of weakness

  • slightly small even in the large format


From 9.42 Euro with free shipping

Find more information about this dog bowl on this dedicated page on Amazon.

Our answers to the most frequently asked questions of those who are considering the purchase

Question: What are the most important characteristics to evaluate in order to buy the best bowl for my dog?

Answer: Surely one of the most important factors concerns the size: your dog must be able to get to food and water without difficulty.

Question: How important is it to have a non-slip bowl?

Answer: Having a bowl with a silicone bottom is essential to prevent it from slipping during your dog's meal. Furthermore, in this way it will be impossible for your floor to be damaged.

Question: How important is an odorless and easy to wash bowl?

Answer: Having an odorless and easy-to-wash bowl is essential! The odorless bowl allows you not to have to wash it every time your four-legged friend eats a meal.

It is also very important to have a bowl that is easy to wash, possibly in stainless steel, so that you can put it in the dishwasher without risking damaging it.

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