Children meditation: exercises

Children meditation: exercises

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Meditation for children, through games and activities that are also fun but which also allow them, in a calibrated and measured way, to find a form of inner silence. It is useless to ignore it and think that before the age of majority there are no anxieties and frustrations, fears and internal conflicts. Children are not waterproof creatures and today more than ever they live in a context that little filters negative messages or “with lights and shadows”. Children meditation is not psychological or psychiatric therapy, let's not get it wrong.

Children's meditation: what it takes

When we think of the meditation children let's not imagine them called to reflect on the greatest systems but simply, if simple it can ever be, in search of one interior space where you can feel sheltered from the frenzy and agitation that some external events can transmit to them. Events or people.

It's about a educational practice that teaches to alienate in a functional way to better face difficulties. It also serves to get to know each other better without being influenced by the judgment of others or by stereotypes, fashions and what children imagine that adults expect from them.

There meditation children it is also a way to relax and grow by living with the unexpected, learning to live them while keeping calm and managing your emotions without suffocating or hiding them. And without making them hide.

In daily grind, not only of adults but also of children, there is often too little silence. Since kindergarten there are many sports and leisure, social and educational activities that are certainly fine but if practiced in the right measure. There meditation children it becomes a space protected from all of this and useful for making the decant of what you learn and experience in everyday life.

Children meditation: exercises

The exercises of meditation children they cannot be too static: it is necessary to choose types that take into account the desire to move and the liveliness typical of certain ages. Then the suitable exercises they are the ones that involve the body, also because they help become aware of the rhythms of the heartbeat and breathing.

It is also expected that they move, dance, jump and run: children's meditation is an active meditation, very different from that of adults. Among the exercises and recommended activities are clay modeling and coloring of the mandalas, garden cultivation and gardening in general.

Children meditation: yoga

Often the courses of meditation children they are held and promoted in yoga centers even if we cannot speak of real yoga. Everything must be resized so that the little ones do not perceive this activity as a duty, a task, a "care". In yoga centers, children's meditation is often taught so that it can be practiced in an "amateur" way, and then get into the habit, in the family, of spend moments in pause, in silence.

Who wants to deepen the practice of Yoga applied to children, find useful information in this book.

Meditation for children: book

Another recommended reading it is the one that proposes us to “play and relax”. It does this by explaining how meditation not only calms children, it also makes them more alert and creative. It only takes a few minutes a day, to see the benefits that last over time, even when you are no longer a child. In this volume there are also tips for those who find themselves doing meditation with children suffering from hyperactivity and anxiety.

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