In Milan, free bottles of water for students from the Municipality

In Milan, free bottles of water for students from the Municipality

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A aluminum bottle as a tribute to all students of primary and middle schools in Milan with the opening of the new school year. This is the beautiful initiative of the Municipality of Milan, with the support of A2A is AEM, launched for "back to school" with the aim of reducing the use of plastic bottles and disposable plastic in general.

Already in 2019, the Municipality of Milan had launched the initiative "MilanoPlasticFree"By creating a dedicated website to explain the damage caused by single-use plastic to the environment and to stimulate the commitment of companies, associations and ordinary citizens towards virtuous recycling practices.

Water in plastic bottles and pollution: some data

Italy is the first consumer in Europe and the second in the world for the use of bottled water. Every year in Italy we consume 206 liters of bottled water per person.
After being used, a plastic bottle remains in the environment for at least 250 years.

At least 8 million tons of plastic end up in the oceans every year, with serious consequences for marine and terrestrial life.

It has therefore become essential to drastically limit the use of disposable plastic: it is a global and urgent challenge that requires the contribution of everyone: institutions, companies, associations and citizens.

The initiative of the Municipality of Milan: an aluminum water bottle as a tribute to all elementary and middle school students

The City of Milan has launched a commendable initiative: with the opening of the new school year it will give away 100,000 primary and middle school students in the city of Milan one aluminum bottle. Students will thus always be able to have a supply of water taken from the drinking water network that arrives in all our homes and obviously in all schools, without having to spend money to buy plastic bottles and will also begin to acquire sensitivity towards the 'importance of using items that last over time to the detriment of disposable ones.

The bottle is made of aluminum and has the logo of the Municipality of Milan, together with that of one of the two companies that support the project, A2A (for 40,000 bottles) and MM (for 60,000 bottles).

A pilot project of the initiative had already been launched last May, when the Municipality 1 of Milan had given an aluminum water bottle on the occasion of the "Boys and Girls Town Hall Council" project to over 1,000 students of the elementary and middle schools located on the territory of the Municipality 1.

The project had led to the election of 24 young councilors in the Town Hall and it was they who decided to start a project on the subject of drinking water.

In the opening photo of our article you can see the mayor of Milan, Beppe Sala, with two of the aluminum water bottles that will be given to students of primary and middle schools in Milan.

The Water Houses: another commendable initiative by the Municipality of Milan

To enhance drinking water and to promote its use, the the municipality of Milan for years has launched and recently enhanced the "Houses of Water", Modern kiosks for distributing still and sparkling water where every citizen can freely withdraw fresh water (particularly important especially in the summer!)

Citizens are definitely appreciating and increasingly I am pleased to see families who go to the Water Houses with baskets of 6 bottles of water to refuel without spending a single Euro. Just use the Regional Card to be able to withdraw up to 6 liters of water per person.

I myself use the service with pleasure especially during my bike rides around Milan: the kiosks I use most are the one in the Cassina de Pomm Garden, along the Martesana, with entrance in Via Melchiorre Gioia and Via Zuretti, and the one installed by a few months in Largo Tel Aviv, 300 meters from my house, between Via Palmanova and Via Padova, of which I report a shot of me a few hours ago ...

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