Recipes with sour cherries for the summer

Recipes with sour cherries for the summer

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For your summer desserts here are the recipes with sour cherries tastier and fresh at the same time. It is a precious fruit, rich in properties and with a non-trivial taste. It grows on Prunus cerasus (sour cherry), a tree that looks like cherry but is a little smaller, because it reaches a maximum height of 8 meters.

Properties of sour cherries

Small and not always easy to find, fresh, the sour cherries they have many interesting properties for our health. They are not caloric at all so no one needs to worry, not even those who are very attentive to the figure, and they are rich in water so they are perfect for summer, a season in which it is important to always stay hydrated. Among the properties of this fruit, the best known and appreciated are those diuretic but they are also useful for regulating cardiovascular activity, they also have powers antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. The vitamins present are B and C, together with many mineral salts including calcium, phosphorus and potassium

Sour cherries and sour cherries

Before going to the kitchen to prepare ours recipes with sour cherries, let's distinguish them once and for all from sour cherries. It is easy to get confused, especially if you are just looking at them without tasting them. Sour cherry has many varieties and each of them produces fruits with specific characteristics, such as black cherries, sour cherries and morello cherries. Sour cherries, compared to other fruits, have a more bitter taste, are much smaller and have a decidedly deep and lively red color. The ripening period is around July and around twenty kilos can be obtained from a single tree.

Recipes with sour cherries

With sour cherries they can be used to prepare many interesting foods such as syrups, jams and liqueurs which in turn can be used for cooking other things. Maraschino, for example, is a liqueur produced with morello cherries, cousins ​​of black cherries, and we find it very often associated with fruit or ice cream. With the sour cherry syrup you can prepare cocktails, popsicles and ice creams while with the whole fruit, once pitted, you can prepare cakes and milkshakes, or make it caramelized.

In the Italian tradition there are many black cherry-based desserts that deserve to be not only tasted but also prepared with our hands. Very famous Saint Joseph's Zeppole baked, for Father's Day, but sour cherry biscuits and Polish aversana. Among the interesting cakes with black cherries, there is the chocolate one, the most delicious, but also the roll with milk cream and black cherries.

Recipes with sour cherries for the summer

To prepare something fresh, but sweet and captivating, given the season, let's see the recipes with the most suitable sour cherries. One of the summer desserts most popular is the panna cotta with sour cherries, among other things, very simple to make at home and also quick if you exclude the time it has to rest in the refrigerator. Let's prepare it well in advance. It's a Piedmontese recipe, part of milk, sugar and isinglass has a consistency similar to that of pudding, it can be served on the table with berries, chocolate or caramel topping but the most classic association, and in my opinion the best, is the one with the syrup with sour cherries.

Prepare by putting the isinglass to soak in cold water for about ten minutes, while we wait, boil the cream, milk, sugar in a saucepan, then add the squeezed isinglass and mix to obtain a homogeneous mixture, without lumps . Removed from the heat, as soon as it is warmer, we put our fluid in the cake molds and leave in the refrigerator for at least four hours. At the end we can put our forms of panna cotta on saucers to decorate them with black cherries and with black cherry syrup, at will.

Another recipe with very summery black cherries is that of spanish ice cream, made with fresh milk, egg yolk, vanilla, fresh cream, sugar, sour cherries in syrup and dry biscuits. For snacks it is perfect but also after dinner it can be enjoyed being fresh and not too heavy. To prepare it you need an ice cream maker. It starts by creating a mixture of eggs, milk and sugar on the fire, then adding some Cherries in Syrup. The ice cream maker does the hard work, we must at the end decorate with crumbled dry biscuits and black cherries.

Those who have a lot of patience can try to do the brisée roses, spectacular when they appear for dinner in front of guests. You can safely use the ready-made shortcrust pastry even if homemade is much better. The sour cherries are in a ricotta-based cream flavored with chocolate drops and black cherry syrup.

Sour cherries in syrup for your desserts can also be purchased online and of excellent quality. Those who prefer to cook everything with their own hands starting from the fruit, must have a stoner.


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