Tattoo: red rose

Tattoo: red rose

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What is the meaning of a tattoo represented a red rose. From the rose with thorns to the petals. Here's what to know beforetattoo a red rose.

The choice to make atattooit should always be discussed with your dermatologist. Although the risks associated with tattooing are reduced today, a preliminary dermatological examination should be essential. Just as the choice of a serious and scrupulous center is essential in the tattoo.

When it comes to choices related to tattoos, much attention is paid to the subject. For example, getting a butterfly tattoo seems to be a popular choice. With the butterfly we not only pay homage to nature but also our own "transformation", "evolution" and "growth". Another tribute to nature and to oneself can be done with thetattoo of a red rose.

Tattoo: red rose

The meaning of the tattoo of a red rose, in many respects, it refers to the meaning of the red rose in the language of flowers. The rose is a very complex flower: a symbol of beauty, immortal love but also a symbol of balance and suffering.

In popular beliefs the red rose is a symbol of love, but not everyone knows that, in fact, the true meaning of the red rose it is not simply "love" or "passion", the meaning is "suffered love“,“ Love and pain ”. According to Greek mythology, the petals of the rose were dyed red by the drops of blood shed by Aphrodite as she ran towards her beloved Adonis, dying.

ThereRed roseit is also aesoteric symbol and linked to the world of secret organizations such as the Ancient and Mystical Rosea Crucis Order. The French Parliamentary Commission investigated this order in one of its oldest inquiries seven. The Ancient and Mystical Rosea Crucis Order has just oneRed roseas a symbol and it would seem to be a secret organization born long beforeMasonry.

We talk aboutesoteric meaningbecause the Ancient and Mystical Order Rosea Crucis has often been reported as the successor of the Knights of the Grail and the Knights Templar.

Numbers of petals

The number of petals also makes the difference. The number of petals of the red rose you intend to tattoo could have personal meanings or associated with classical numerology.

Tattoo: open or closed red rose?

To make the difference there are elements such as the presence of the stem with or without thorns or even the shape of the bud. Is it open or closed? Is the red rose accompanied by roots? The red rose with its roots is a very important symbol: it indicates a well-rooted identity, which you have already understood where you belong (a place not intended geographically, but interpreted as a family, with deep roots ...).

The closed red rose represents an expected beauty that still has a great desire to explode. The open bud represents full realization. Remember that red symbolizes blood and it is related to sacrifice, pain and something memorable.

Nothing carefree then! If you thought thattattoo a red roseit could be a simple botanical homage, it is not.

Does the red rose tattoo you intend to do include leaves?

The addition of the leaves further enriches the meaning of the red rose tattoo. The leaves symbolize growth and renewal. Green leaves represent rebirth while dry leaves represent sadness, loss and grief.

If the rose is surrounded by a crown of leaves, it can indicate the fulfillment of a desire, a triumph, a victory ... In Chinese symbolism, the leaves represent all beings in the universe.

What does a red rose tattoo mean?

On this page we have seen several meanings hidden behind the symbol of a red rose. Regardless of what the symbolism is in mass cultures, you need to understand what this tattoo can represent for you.

Remember, the tattoo is yours, it is personal and must take into account only your person. It is true that it is put on display but who will look at it every day, it will be you! Compose the tattoo following your story, your instinct!

See in the number of petals something that represents you. You can proceed with atattoo of a red roseand coordinate with the tattoo artist: maybe add roots when you have found true stability, add a few petals for a special occasion or a wreath of leaves when you can make your dream come true!

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