Micellar water: what it is and what it is used for

Micellar water: what it is and what it is used for

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Maybe in some commercial on television you have heard of micellar water but it is not so obvious to understand what it is and, above all, on what occasions it can be useful. Of course, it is not drunk but it is used in the cosmetics sector. The first time I heard it mentioned as a product in combination with a anti-aging cream. This should already make you understand the usefulness that this substance can have but let's explore them more carefully.

Micellar water: what it is

With this term we want to indicate not a type of water but of fact a water-based cleaning solution. It was produced with the aim of removing makeup residues and impurities from the face and eye area, while fully respecting the skin. On the market there are packages of "pure" mixed water but it can be enriched with moisturizing and soothing substances that enhance its effect, or with natural extracts of plants and minerals that can broaden its range of action or increase its effectiveness.

Micellar water: what is it for

Its name derives from the technology on which its operation is based, namely that of micelles. They are molecules of surfactants that form small spheres when they aggregate "magic" spheres because they are able to incorporate the impurities that are deposited on the skin, incorporating them inside them. With the same mechanism, these agglomerations manage to make both the traces of smog and those of sebum and make-up disappear.

To apply this water to our face we don't have to do anything complex, just get a cotton pad, moisten it, and then pass it on the skin without rubbing. It is not necessary: ​​themicellar water gives effect without the need for mechanical aids. If we are using a quality product, you don't even need to rinse.

There are many other products to remove make-up or to clean it, yes, but this water has several advantages. The first, and the most important for us if we care about health of our skin, consists in the fact that this solution does its job, that is, it cleans deeply, but does not damage the hydro-lipid barrier of the epidermis. It is very useful, it must remain, because it is that "layer" that defends us from external aggressions.

If we have particularly sensitive skin, then, to remove make-up and clean the skin we can use this water to stay calm. It has a high tolerability and does not provoke irritations. It is not even particularly expensive, considering the effectiveness it presents.

Micellar water: how to use it

Noting that this water is not a blunder but a really useful product, let's learn how to use it correctly. By default, we can moisten cotton pads and then pass them on our face with very delicate gestures. Let's not overdo the amount of water! Our skin should feel slightly moist and not soggy.

Having said that, as you can see, it is very simple and can become adaily habit which does not steal space or sleep and can improve the brightness of our face, especially if we avoid rubbing hard, a gesture that could irritate the skin and cause irritation in the long run.

If we want to amplify the effect of micellar water, especially in periocular area, we can leave the pads soaked in micellar water over the eyelids for a few seconds. So the solution takes effect and any makeup residue disappears without too much effort.

In theory, no rinsing is necessary but who has already used this product can testify which often leaves a slight patina on the skin that some may find annoying. At this point, instead of simply washing your face, we can take the opportunity to apply thermal water to the skin. It is certainly a better choice than ordinary tap water, rich in limestone that does not have a good effect on the skin, it weighs it down.

Micellar water: how it works

We have quickly explained what are the particles that give the name to this water, or the micelles. Their great value lies in the ability to create, by joining, spherical agglomerates that open, as soon as they come into contact with the skin, and envelop everything that is foreign to our skin. Residues of smog, impurities, make-up, sebum, sweat and flaking cells. Thanks to this "inglobare", the skin is not irritated and remains in its natural balance.

When they are on the skin, they interact with what they find, the micelles, and attract dirt to remove it better. This applies to both water-soluble and fat-soluble substances. The result of this delicate and at the same time effective action is an exemplary freshness of the skin which, thus purified, can then be treated as we wish. The role of our micellar water is therefore threefold: cleansing, toning and moisturizing.

Micellar water: where to buy

We can easily find this water in pharmacies and in specialized shops in beauty products. Very convenient to get it online. There are also brands with specialized lines dedicated to sensitive skin such as Bioderma with its “Sensibio H2O Micellar Water for Sensitive Skin”.

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